Traffic is a scourge says SEK and proposes solutions

The return to everyday life brings back with it the nightmare of the traffic problem


The return to everyday life also brings back with it the nightmare of the traffic problem, which is now a scourge, says in a statement the SEC, which notes that this nightmare "forces workers to arrive at work particularly tired, but also angry".

"Anger and tiredness from the early hours of the morning are the worst enemy of productivity", it is noted.

SEK states that this is a perennial problem that concerns the entire political system "which failed to provide quality and effective solutions in a timely manner".

To deal with the traffic problem, SEK calls on the government to proceed with planning a new approach that will take into account medium-term and long-term goals, that will serve the workers, respect the environment, upgrade the quality of life and contribute substantially to the rational urban reconstruction.

In this direction, SEK proposes strengthening the institution of the school bus with modern, safe and flexible buses, encouraging the use of bicycles by creating cycle paths and other related infrastructure, replacing large buses with small flexible ones with anti-pollution technology and at the same time to proceed immediately in planning for the operation of an electric railway (tram) in every large city.

Source: KYPE