They turned a room into a cannabis nursery - Three arrests (VIDEO + PICTURES)

Two men and a woman arrested - Large quantities of cannabis plants in two premises

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Members of the Anti-Drug Service, after evaluating information, yesterday conducted on the basis of a court order, investigations in two premises located in the province of Limassol.
In a specially designed room in one of the premises, a large number of cultivated cannabis plants were found, which were planted in plastic pots, as well as a large amount of green dry cannabis plant material.
Two men, aged 62 and 61, who were located inside the above premises, were arrested for self-inflicted offenses.
During the search inside the room, special lighting systems, ventilation, drying devices, water tanks, as well as various other items were found.
A large sum of money was also found on various banknotes, which at first sight appear to be counterfeit.
In the second building, in a specially designed area, eight cannabis plants were found planted in pots, while further examinations revealed that in both buildings there was an illegal operation on an EAC meter, which seems to have been intercepting electricity.
Subsequently, searches were carried out at the homes of the above persons, where in the house of the 62-year-old, in the presence of another person, a 60-year-old woman, 10 grams of cannabis and a crusher were found, resulting in the 60-year-old being arrested for a self-inflicted crime.
YKAN (Limassol Ladder) continues the exams.

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16176f8f219eba hemp production workshop, hemp, YKAN