Morfou Neophytos: We will leave the churches open and I take responsibility

Morfou Neophytos disagrees with the measures - "We will not ban the entry of believers"

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The churches in the metropolitan area of ​​Morphou will be open and the services, divine services and holy sacraments will be performed normally, the Metropolitan of Morphou announced in a circular, saying that they will not put ribbons, nor will they forbid the entrance to the temples.

In his circular, on the occasion of the new restrictive measures against the spread of the coronavirus, Morfou Neophytos states that if the government enacts laws to protect - as he considers - the physical health of citizens, the church "has its own sacred tradition and its own laws and sacred rules for two thousand years to ensure and maintain the psychosomatic health of the faithful ".

It also refers to the "ancient legal custom of the immunity of the sacred temples, the places of worship of God, which can not become places of policing of the faithful, at a time when this sanctity and immunity have been respected throughout the centuries by heterodox, non-religious and conquerors ».

The Metropolitan of Morphou declares that he assumes full responsibility "before God and before the law" if the smooth operation of the temples of his region is considered to be contrary to the relevant government decrees. "And I am ready, for the sake of the smooth operation of our holy temples and the performance of the services and the sacraments, to appear before the courts of this world."

In his circular, Metropolitan Neophytos quotes the views of the Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Open University of Cyprus, Elpidoforos Sotiriadis, on the measures taken by the government to date and the state of the pandemic in Cyprus and internationally, citing the Greek professor Stanford, Ioannis Ioannidis and refers to his own speeches and sermons, considering that "the restrictive measures are destined to fail so that the people gradually reach despair, society in chaos and the systematically cultivated intimidation flee the faith."

The Metropolitan refers to scientists who urge people not to get the coronavirus vaccine because sooner or later the side effects will prove tragic since they have not been tested like other vaccines for other infectious diseases, but also because they will be a "digitized identity" for the full control of the entire life of the vaccinated. Modern man, he adds, will thus become an experimental animal of the "new order of things" that aims, among other things, at the vertical reduction of the earth's population.

He is impressed, he writes, that the government equates the areas of the Orthodox Church with mosques, bars, taverns, restaurants and other restaurants. He believes that these measures will accelerate the increase of unemployment and bankruptcy, will aggravate the already aggravated psychopathology of the citizens and "the prophesied shortage of food, basic necessities and fuel is beginning to appear".

Source: KYPE