Dressed Santa Clauses would act against the Greek Dinos (VIDEO)

"I was surprised to be informed by the Police about the murder plan"

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The developments in the case of the planned murder of Dinos Ellinas are rapid, as on Wednesday night the authorities handcuffed a third person who seems to be related to the assistance of the pistol market. It is noted that the two brothers (25 and 26 years old) are already in detention for five days.

Authorities mobilized following information provided by the Limassol Police Department regarding a plot to assassinate the President of the School Ephorate, Dinos Ellinas.

Specifically, a person complained to the police that two brothers, owners of a construction company, who according to the complaint had complaints about their payment from the Limassol School Ephorate, asked him to monitor the house and the movements of Mr. Ellinas in order to act at the appropriate time.

According to what the specific person complained, his two brothers asked him to provide them with two pistols with which they would carry out the crime, while he himself turned to a third person.

Dinos Ellinas himself told ANT1 that "the police called me personally to inform me that there was information from an informant that there was a murder plan against me.

The two, however, denied any involvement in the case. All three are being investigated for conspiracy to commit a crime, conspiracy to commit murder, illegal possession and transfer of a weapon and explosives.