OKYPY: The afternoon work went very well

The world should embrace the program of evening work in hospitals so that it pays off, says Mr Harilaou

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The first day of the start of the evening work program in the public hospitals is judged to be very satisfactory, the Press Representative of the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY) Haralambos Charilaou said to KYPE, it is pointed out thatand the world must embrace it to perform at its best.

The evening work program in public hospitals entered into force on Monday, September 5y, after the agreement reached between OKYpY and the doctors' and nurses' unions on July 11.

The first day of implementation of the program had good results, according to Mr. Charilaou, who said that this is only the beginning and there is room for improvement.

"We had good results, it's the beginning. The first day went very well, there is enough scope to accept patients based on the availability of our specialties, it is a program that will be evaluated at regular intervals. We hope that people will embrace it so that it performs at its best", He added.

He mentioned that people will be able to make appointments of having two options. "One option for those who are knowledgeable and have internet, is to be able to book their appointment through the Organization's website, make a request and within 48 hours an official will contact them, where they will determine the day and time". he said. "The second option is from the phones that people already know," he added.

Source: KYPE