More than 2.000 police officers will work on Parliament Day

More than 2.000 police officers will work on Parliament Day

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More than two thousand members will be mobilized by the Police as part of its mission for the safety of citizens, the observance of law and order and the provision of facilities during the election process, according to a police statement.

Specifically, according to the announcement of the Police, 2.071 of its members will staff all the polling stations, which will operate so that everything runs in conditions of normalcy, order and security.

It is added that the Crisis Management Centers of the Police Headquarters will operate in the premises of MMAD and operating rooms in all Police Directorates.

The mobilization of the Police will start early on the morning of Sunday, May 30 and will continue until the completion of the election process.

This year, the announcement continues, "for the first time, due to the situation with the pandemic, mobile polling stations will operate all over Cyprus, which will be accompanied by a police patrol".

During election day, police will also set up motorized patrols to patrol polling stations, offices of political parties and candidates, as well as other areas related to the election process.