PEO and YPPAN: They discussed issues concerning theater artists

What other issues prevailed in the discussion and what the Minister of Education and Culture says

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Issues concerning the theater artists and the creation of the State Ministry of Culture were discussed by the PEO delegation, headed by G.G. of PEO, Sotiroula Charalambous, and G.G. of SIDIKEK PEO, Nikos Grigoriou, with the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Prodromos Prodromou, in their meeting, which took place on Tuesday, January 18, on the initiative of PEO.

According to today's announcement of PEO, the Minister of Education thanked PEO for the interest he constantly shows, stating that he considers the Theater Artists Sector of SIDIKEK PEO as a social partner in the effort to find solutions to issues concerning theater artists.

He informed in detail about the stage of the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and what will change when it operates as well as the actions taken by the Ministry of Education to submit a bill that regulates their employment status.

The G.G. of PEO pointed out the very miserable position of this group of employees and the peculiarities of the profession.

In particular, he said that during the lockdown and the pandemic, the magnitude of the problem and its social consequences became clearer.

According to the announcement, it also appeared that the state unfortunately does not know which artists are practicing the profession, that most work in unacceptable working conditions and unregulated forms of employment and at the same time many remain uninsured in the Social Security Fund.

The PEO delegation asked the Minister to seek and find solutions so that finally this category of workers can work in decent working conditions, under a regulated employment regime.

At the same time, he demanded that the State assist in this effort by substantially increasing the funds for the Culture and specifically the sponsorships in the theaters.

According to the announcement, the position of PEO is that it is the obligation of the state to make sure that it becomes a necessary condition for those who receive state sponsorship to implement the collective labor agreement that exists in the Sector.

The PEO requirement is based both on the practice that exists in Cyprus for the undertaking of public works and on relevant recommendations and instructions of the European Union.

The need for immediate regulation of the artist's working status by the State as well as the regulation of the issues related to the social security of this particular group of workers was also highlighted.

PEO, finding that the laws and procedures for the assignment of copyright and related rights present serious problems, informed the Minister that it will take the initiative to develop a dialogue in order for theater artists to enjoy what is due to them from their work.

The Minister of Education, for his part, thanked the PEO for its suggestions on the issue of allocating sponsorships and promised that on the occasion of the creation of the Ministry of Culture, a dialogue will be opened to discuss these suggestions, which he sees in a positive mood, he said.

Finally, he mentioned that the Ministry of Education is drafting a bill for the status of artist and for its creation the SIDIKEK PEO Theater Artists Sector will participate in the dialogue and processes, while it will wait for PEO's suggestions on the issue of copyright and related rights for to evaluate them.