Prodromou: Immediate elaboration of a plan for the installation of air conditioners in schools

Condemnation of the events with animals at the Lyceum of Paralimni

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The intention of the government is to immediately prepare a plan, which is environmentally friendly, ie to use an alternative energy source and not conventional electricity, for the installation of air conditioners, so that the specific plan can be included for funding from the Recovery Fund. , which is currently operating at the level of the European Union, said today the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou.

In his statements, on the sidelines of a meeting he had with educational organizations, organized parents and student representatives, to address the climatic conditions during the operation of schools and the possibility of air conditioning in classrooms, Mr. Prodromou stressed that the goal of his Ministry is to proceed with the implementation of its political position, in order to start organized with a realistic program for air conditioning in schools.

He noted that this is a policy, which is included in the programmatic positions of the President of the Republic, to add that the Ministry of Education already has a studied planning, first of all for the installation of photovoltaics, which has already begun with the Cyprus Electricity Authority for 405 school buildings and this is something that will make it easier for them.

"Our intention is to immediately draw up an environmentally friendly plan, ie to use an alternative energy source and not conventional electricity, for the installation of air conditioners, so that this plan can be included and for funding from the Recovery Fund that "It is currently working at EU level. That is the plan," he said.

During today's meeting with the involved organizations, the Minister of Education put on the table all the data that the competent Ministry has before it, such as studies that have been done by the Technical Services of the Ministry and other external bodies, so that they proceed in a structured way.

He noted that in the building program of the Ministry of Education as many schools are upgraded and where anti-seismic upgrade is done, the goal is to build environmentally friendly buildings and low energy buildings, adding that in the coming days they will announce another European Program, which implements the Ministry, for the school buildings and for the bioclimatic condition of the specific buildings.

So, he said, "overall we will take care and I hope that as soon as possible we will be able to deal effectively with the adverse weather conditions that unfortunately with climate change seem to be deteriorating."

Asked if there is a timetable, Mr. Prodromou said that "the timetable that exists is as soon as possible, based on the real data and not what everyone thinks", adding that "there is work that needs to be done, while there is scheduling for the installation of photovoltaics ".

He went on to say that his Ministry is the first to urgently submit a proposal to the Recovery Fund as soon as possible based on the specifications and technical data, while noting that "gradually, it is something that can not be done immediately, so to "If we move faster, we will make a timetable, so that it can be done gradually."

The dialogue for changing school hours continues

In relation to the change of school hours, due to the increased traffic on the streets, Mr. Prodromou stated that a dialogue has been opened and there are some views, however, he noted that not all partners have yet expressed or submitted views.

"If there is the desire and the will from all sides and some convergence, I think it would be useful to differentiate the schedules where it is desirable and possible. So far, however, not all partners have taken a stand. "We will wait for the dialogue to end as soon as possible," he said.

Masks to students through donations

Asked if free masks will eventually be given to students, the Minister of Education said that two donations have been made to the Ministry of Education, explaining that one donation concerns reusable masks, which will be given to schools when the donor is able to give them, and the other concerns 100 thousand masks, which will be available in schools, so that they can be used where needed.

Condemnation of the events with animals at the Lyceum of Paralimni

Asked to comment on the events at Paralimni High School, during which animals were used, the Minister of Education condemned the incident, talking about unacceptable events, which are against, not only the educational practice, but also the culture.

He said, however, that the police would deal with the matter.