Low-paid civil servants warn of strikes

apolyseis dimosio aftodioikisi 768x512 1 CIVIL OFFICERS, Government

The Low Wage Public Servants Initiative Group calls on the Ministry of Finance to immediately take the necessary procedures without further delay regarding the agreement to improve/correct the salaries of low paid public servants. Otherwise, he warns, he will proceed to announce the date of the start of strike action.

In its announcement, the Initiative Group expresses "its deep disappointment for the lack of transparency on the part of the Ministry of Finance" and expects its positive response. It also expresses concern over the "continued delay in publicizing the terms of the said agreement, which was reached on October 31 but as of today, November 23, its provisions have not yet been made known," noting that "this creates concern, uncertainty and dissatisfaction among the employees who are waiting for the fair adjustment of their salaries".

Therefore, he warns, if by November 29, 2023 the Ministry of Finance does not publish the specific terms of the agreement or if the agreement does not provide for the recognition of the seniority of the employees who were upgraded from Scale A1 to Scale A2 in 2020 as completed at Scale A2 or the recognition of service based on fixed-term contracts, then the Initiative Group will proceed to announce the date of commencement of strike action.

Source: KYPE