Government Spokesperson: Very soon announcement of Special Envoy for the Cyprus issue

UN Secretary General, Government, Cyprus

The name of the personality that the UN Secretary General will choose for the position of his special envoy for the Cyprus issue will be announced very soon, said Government Spokesman Constantinos Letympiotis, speaking to journalists after the Cabinet meeting.

"The UN Secretary-General has conveyed that he is determined to proceed with the appointment of an envoy in the immediate future. It is something that we welcome and wish for a personality to be appointed by the Secretary-General as soon as possible to explore the prospect of resuming negotiations," he added.

He added that the President of the Republic conveyed to the UN Secretary-General the sincere will of the Government to resume negotiations as soon as possible and this, as Mr. Letymiotis said, is also proven by the fact of the immediate positive response from our side to the name he had chosen the UN Secretary-General and which, however, the Turkish side rejected.

In constant communication with the peacekeeping force for Pyla

When asked about the issue of Pyla, the Spokesperson said that the Government is in constant communication with the peacekeeping force, repeating at every opportunity its sincere will and intention to resume work in accordance with the provisions of the understanding.

"It is what we expect from the peacekeeping force and the UN to ensure the overall provisions of the understanding," he said.

Asked if the Government has received any new request from the Turkish side, the Spokesperson clarified that there is no question of renegotiating the understanding.

He added that the consensus has been reached after thorough and intensive consultations and the Government expects the work to be completed as intended "nothing more and nothing less than that".

"We await the completion of contacts of the peacekeeping force which we expect to ensure the resumption of operations soon," he said.

Source: KYPE