The tender for the road Astromeriti-Evrychos was announced (MAP)

The project concerns the construction of an interurban highway with four lanes of traffic approximately 11 km long

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The Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Mr. Giannis Karousos, announced today the tender for the construction of the Astromeritis - Evrychos interurban highway. 

The announcement of the announcement was made in Galata in the presence of the Commissioner for Development of Mountain Areas Mr. Costas Hambiaouris and the Commonwealths of the villages of the Solea Complex, where the Minister presented the various stages related to the implementation of the Project.

The project is located in the Province of Nicosia and concerns the construction of a four-lane interstate highway with a length of approximately 11 km.

The highway starts at a point of the existing road Astromeritis - Evrychos south of the community Astromeritis after the junction to the community of Vyzakia and ends at the junction of the existing road Astromeritis - Evrychos with the road to Kykko in the area of ​​Atsa. The cost estimate of the project amounts to € 89.250.000 million including VAT. The bidding period starts on December 15, 2021 and will end on March 11, 2022.

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The project is First Class and includes an uneven junction in the Koutrafa area, as well as two overground and two underground vehicle crossings to connect the areas on both sides and the existing road. It also includes a large valley bridge about 700 m., On the river Elia (Vyzakia). At the beginning of the project, a level contribution is foreseen, which will be replaced with an uneven one in the future, in the context of the construction of the Denia - Astromeritis section. At the end of the project, a terminal level roundabout is planned at the intersection to Kalopanagioti - Kykko.

The Project includes works related to earthworks, rainwater drainage, construction of technical works (valley bridge, upper and lower passages, retaining walls, etc.), utility networks, road construction, road marking and signaling, safety railings, etc. Measures to reduce the impact on the environment are also included, in accordance with the terms of the Environmental Authority.

It is noted that the existing road Astromeriti - Evrychos will remain in operation after the construction of the new highway.

During the discussion he had with the Common Mayors of the villages of the Solea Complex, the Minister stated that for the Anastasiadis Government, this Project is considered a top priority and for this reason it has been included in the National Strategic Plan for Mountain Communities and the its implementation by the Council of Ministers as a Project of significant public interest.

"The project is another announcement of the President of the Republic and is considered a top priority for the Government. "This is a project that the local communities have been waiting for for decades and it is a practical proof of the Government's will to support the inhabitants of the mountainous areas", said Mr. Karousos, emphasizing that "the construction of this interurban highway will solve various problems that road safety and, at the same time, the villages of the area will be revitalized and further developed ". In addition, Mr. Karousos pointed out that, in addition to the residents of the villages of Solea, the citizens of the island will also be served, who move from Nicosia to the wider area of ​​Troodos.

Finally, the Commonwealth Leaders of the Solea Complex expressed their satisfaction with the fact that the interurban highway has been put on track for implementation after decades of waiting, and thanked Mr. Carousos for his practical and consistent dedication to this process. At the same time, the community leaders of the region expressed the belief that by facilitating their access to and from Nicosia, the rate of astyphilia will be reduced and the quality of life of the inhabitants of the wider Troodos region will be upgraded.