They preferred Kilindaroglu in possessions – His percentage

This is how they voted in the occupied territories

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Celebrations by supporters of Tayyip Erdogan followed late yesterday afternoon, mainly in occupied Nicosia, the confirmation of the victory of the Turkish President in the second round of the Presidential elections in Turkey.

According to local media, supporters of the re-elected Erdogan with Turkish flags and posters with his face on their cars formed a convoy of vehicles going around the occupied Nicosia, passing by well-known main streets and points. Many also hung banners with the face of Tayyip Erdogan and the flag of Turkey from the balconies of their houses. Celebrations were also held in other cities in the occupied territories.

Kilindaroglu's victory in possession

According to the Turkish news agency Anadolu, in 87,94% of the votes counted, Kemal Kilindaroglu received 58.15% against 41.85% of Tayyip Erdogan.

In the first round the candidate of the opposition alliance had received 54,16% and Erdogan 38,55%. On May 14, 3,9% had voted for Sinan Ogan and 3,34% for Muharrem Ince

Over 140.000 Turkish citizens living in the occupied territories had the right to vote. The participation rate reached 59,21%.

Congratulations messages

Ersin Tatar, Tahsin Ertugruloglu "hypex", Unal Ustel "prime minister" and Zorlu Torre "president of the Parliament" have already issued written messages of congratulations.

"Under the leadership of Your Excellency, I hope that the Turkish Century will be a blessing for the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation and I wish you continued success," the Turkish leader said in his message to Tayyip Erdogan.

He sincerely congratulates him, he says, for his election as the 13th President of the Republic of Turkey with the free will of the people in the elections, "which were held in a democratic environment and with great maturity, with great participation of the people, which will be an example for the world democracy".

For the "upex", Tahsin Ertugruloglu, the Turkish people choosing Tayyip Erdogan chose stability and after the AKP's first place in the elections of May 14, they re-elected him, showing confidence in the work carried out under his leadership.

I hope that the results of the elections will be beneficial for our motherland Turkey, our country (SS: means "tdvk") and the Turkish world, together with which we defend our national Cypriot cause. I firmly believe that under your leadership, the solidarity and cooperation between the motherland and our country (SS: the "tdvk") will be promoted in every field."

In the new period, as he says, he wishes new successes and prosperity to the motherland Turkey in general and to himself. He concludes his message with the slogan "Happy Turkish Century".

In his own message, the "prime minister", Unal Ustel, congratulated Tayyip Erdogan on his undisputed victory. "I sincerely congratulate our brothers in Turkey for passing an important test of democracy, and I hope that the results of the elections bring blessings to our motherland."

The "president of the parliament", Zorlu Torre, characterized Tayyip Erdogan's victory as a great celebration of democracy. "In this process where the Turkish century will continue, we will continue to walk shoulder to shoulder with our motherland, the Republic of Turkey. Good news for the new century of the Turkish Nation, we congratulate you."

The elections are over, there are no losers, Turkey won, the Turkish "ambassador" to the occupied territories, Metin Feizioglu, posted in a message to the MKD. In the post, he has published a photo of the "embassy" building with the Turkish flag high on the mast and the "parliament" in the background in occupied Nicosia. "In the shadow of the flag" he writes and adds "you are wonderful, everyone".

Below he adds that he warmly congratulates the President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan "and all our citizens, whoever they vote for. We will rise above the level of modern civilization."

Congratulatory messages were also published by other members of the three-party "government" KEE - DK - KA in the occupied territories.

Source: KYPE