Teacher in Nicosia complains of sexual harassment in school toilets

What does the complaint say?

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According to an Omega report, while the special team of investigators is one by one searching for the cases of sexual harassment before them, another incident comes to light, as a member of the secondary school tax office in Nicosia, allegedly harassed a teacher. In fact, the whole incident took place in the toilets of the school.

According to information transmitted by OMEGA, the teacher due to her poor psychological condition was forced to stay away from her work, while the alleged perpetrator until yesterday was going to school normally.

At the same time, the fact that the teacher's complaint was made about ten days ago and has not yet been summoned by the Police for testimony, which is expected to happen tomorrow, also causes an alginate impression.

It is worth noting that this teacher in the past through a letter reported an incident of verbal violence against her.

According to the information, OELMEK informed the competent Ministry, but so far no action has been taken.

Source: Omega