They break positive quarantine and move - Temporarily cancel their safepass

Confirmed cases of coronavirus "break" the quarantine and move after their SafePass remains valid if they are vaccinated

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Solution to the pan-European problem faced by the competent state and health authorities regarding confirmed cases of coronavirus that "break" the mandatory quarantine and circulate in shops, businesses and restaurants, since SafePass remains in force if they are vaccinated, gives the vaccine Innovation.

Speaking on the front page, the Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation, Kyriakos Kokkinos, stated that the safe Pass of those who have come out positive will be temporarily revoked and during the check of the digital certificate, which they hold, will present the certificate as red, ie invalid. They will also not be able to issue new certificates before they are released.

He further added that another color was added to the covscan application.

Specifically, the purple color will appear to those who have made only one dose of the vaccine, that is, who have not completed their vaccination regimen, in order to present a rapid test so that they can get somewhere.

In closing, he said that the experiences they have gained from the pandemic have become a legacy for the final digital transformation of the entire state.