The cost of the upcoming presidential elections was budgeted at €7 million

The cost of the presidential elections is estimated at €7 million

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The cost of the presidential elections is estimated at €7 million, based on the appropriations included in the budget of the Ministry of the Interior for the current year.

In particular, based on the state budget expenditure slips, the largest expenditure concerns overtime work, the preparation of the elections, the staffing of the polling centers for voting, the sorting and counting of votes on the first Sunday, for which a budget of € 2,3 million, while the cost of the repeat election was budgeted at €1,95 million.

The fund for the Police and in particular overtime and vehicle handling costs amounts to €900.000, for the rent of rooms, materials and various devices an amount of €100.000 was budgeted, while credits of €150.000 have been included for the Government Printing Office (materials and overtime).

An amount of €500.000 has been included for the publication of electoral notices and newspaper advertisements, €280.000 has been budgeted for a campaign to encourage registration in the electoral roll and to reduce abstention, while an amount of €250.000 has been budgeted for the visualization and presentation of results by the IT Services Department.

An amount of €50.000 was also included for expenses of the Department of Public Works for various construction works, €50.000 for expenses of the Department of Electromechanical Services for various electromechanical works and €100.000 was budgeted for stationery, stationery and other consumables.

A budget of €300.000 was budgeted for the cost of overseas polling centers and finally an amount of €50.000 was calculated for unforeseen expenses.

The cost of the 2018 presidential elections amounted to €5,2 million. For 2023, the Ministry of the Interior has calculated factors such as the significant increase in prices, the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the salary upgrade of many civil servants due to a change in the cost scale.

Source: KYPE