Epidemiologists at the Presidential Palace - High case numbers are a concern

Yesterday the epidemiological team held a video conference with each other

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The epidemiological situation in Cyprus, as it is developing in recent days, will be the focus of a meeting at the Presidential Palace of the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, with the epidemiological advisory group for the coronavirus, which will take place at 9 in the morning.

Today's meeting is expected to focus on the increase of positive cases of the previous days and especially last Friday but also the general epidemiological picture that the country presents shortly before the Easter holidays.

In the previous two days, ie Monday and Tuesday, a total of three deaths of patients were recorded and more than 500 cases of coronavirus were diagnosed each day, with a positive rate of more than 1%. The number of patients treated with  COVID-19 is still around 200.

Specifically, the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that two people died of the disease COVID-19. At the same time, 559 new cases of the disease were identified COVID-19 from molecular tests (PCR) and antigen rapid test and the positivity rate was 1,13%. In total, 205 patients with COVID-19 46 of them in serious condition. On Monday, the ministry announced that one person had died from the disease. COVID-19 and 565 new cases of the disease were identified COVID-19 from molecular tests (PCR) and antigen rapid tests, with a positive rate of 1,03%. A total of 196 patients with COVID-19 of which 47 were in serious condition.

Besides, at 09.30 in the morning, President Anastasiadis will receive at the Presidential Palace a delegation of the Federation of Patients' Associations of Cyprus and at 1015 the President of the Republic will visit the Head Office of OAU. In 1115 he will visit the Vaccination Center at the State Exhibition).