His mother Thanasis is shocked: "Until now I hear his voice begging me"

"Each president and each Attorney General kicks the case to the next"

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The mother of Thanasis Nikolaou still has no news from the investigations, whose murderers and moral perpetrators are still walking free and unmolested, despite the findings and scientific evidence that demonstrate the murder.

In particular, Andriana Nikolaou explained to Protoselido that "in October the General Prosecutor asked us to stay away from the public in order not to influence the alleged further investigation. In fact, they promised us that the purpose of this investigation was the disclosure and arrest of the perpetrators by the police. We had heard them and kept quiet."

In an observation by journalist Andreas Dimitropoulos that the police have told him that they are completing the investigation, he wondered if they are lying to her, since her own information is that the investigation has been completed and they are waiting for the Attorney General to notify them in order to present the findings to him. As far as I know, since the beginning of January they have completed their investigations."

He noted that they “definitely want to hide something and it shows in the fact that they are still mocking us. Their term was three months and they passed four without delivering their findings. And we don't even know what they did and what the results are, while we were promised full and detailed information on any developments. Instead of making arrests, since they know them, they continue to trouble us and the perpetrators move around unmolested among us and some still practice their professions?'' (Based on the information, the one who is practicing his profession). This is unacceptable, outrageous. What state do we live in?"

He added that “when the Judiciary is assassinated, no President and no Attorney General and no Chief of Police and no Speaker of the House should sleep. Each president and each Attorney General kicks the case to the next. And they gnaw away the time for the next one and this goes on for 18 whole years. Three presidents ruled and the last one was for ten years, without a move. And now we are on the threshold of the fourth. Three Attorney Generals also intervened. No court can bring my child to me. But they can deliver justice by arresting the murderers and the culprits."

In fact, she revealed that two days before his martyrdom, Thanasis was very upset and repeatedly begged her to do something to get him out of there. "Unfortunately I didn't make it. I can still hear his voice pleading with me. Asking me to do something I couldn't do right away. I didn't have time to do it and save him, since the killers caught up and shut his mouth.