The PEGA Committee of the European Parliament continues its contacts in Cyprus

The inquiry committee of the European Parliament continues its contacts in Cyprus

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The European Parliament's investigation committee on the use of Pegasus spy software and similar monitoring software, PEGA, continues its contacts in Cyprus on Wednesday.

Based on the contact schedule, today the delegation of the committee will have a joint meeting with the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, Natasa Pileidou and the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Kyriakos Kokkino, which will take place at the Ministry of Energy. Then they will have a meeting with the Attorney General Giorgos Savvidis at the Legal Service.

At noon they will have a meeting with delegations of the parliamentary Institutions Committee chaired by MP Dimitris Dimitriou and the parliamentary Legal Committee chaired by MP Nikos Tornaritis, in the building of the House of Representatives.

The visit, which is being carried out as part of an investigation into the use of spyware in Greece, will continue with a series of meetings in Athens until Friday.

In his statements to KYPE, the chairman of the committee, Jeroun Lenaers, said that during its visit to Cyprus, the PEGA delegation will focus in particular on the legal framework for the export of espionage and related technologies and software (spyware) and will ask for clarifications on the whether the company NSO Group has exported products from the country.

It is recalled that the Attorney General, who will meet today with the members of the committee, emphasized yesterday that as Cyprus "we fully respect and the protection of private communication is guaranteed by our Constitution in the most intense way, there are very strict rules under the which any surveillance can legally take place".

"We will explain this to the Commission." He expressed the belief that Cyprus is one of the countries that fully respects private communication", he stressed.