Thousands of cases blocked tracking

The process of tracking daily cases has become impossible, as the number of new cases is huge

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The process of tracking the daily cases has become impossible, since the huge number of new incidents that are detected every twenty-four hours does not allow the officials of the competent Unit to communicate with each of the affected citizens either for registration purposes or for recording close contacts. 

In fact, according to information from "Φ", with the numbers being the last twenty-four hours, in fact four digits (on Monday they reached almost 2000), there is a weakness even in the electronic registration of new incidents on the special platform through which it is given to then the green light for the release of citizens, who complete the necessary period of time from the day of their diagnosis.

Yesterday, the Tracking Unit also issued a public danger signal, calling on the citizens to cooperate and not to fail to register all their data and contacts electronically in the special electronic system.

"Due to the increased number of examinations resulting in the detection of a large number of positive cases", the Ministry of Health reminds the citizens that "all confirmed cases can fill in an electronic form for better service and facilitate the tracking process".

Specifically and according to the relevant instructions, "citizens receive the next day after their diagnosis a text message on the mobile phone that they stated during their sampling. The message contains a link with passwords to confirm their details, to state their contacts and their personal doctor, so that he can monitor and release them, and have the opportunity to issue the necessary release certificates at the end of their period of self-limitation ".

The personal electronic form "can be filled in by the citizen, or in cases of minors by the parent / guardian, via smart phone, tablet or computer at the electronic address, receiving passwords, which are valid for 48 hours from the time of receipt of the sms ".

Within 48 hours, "the citizen can edit and save his electronic form, and then submit it to the Ministry of Health by selecting the registration button".

As the Ministry of Health points out, "in case the electronic form is not filled in correctly, then the personal doctor will not be able to release the case and the person will not be able to receive a certificate of recovery from the Republic of Cyprus".

According to the Tracking Unit, "the completion of the electronic form is considered necessary to ensure the release, the declaration of close contacts and the informing of the personal physician in time, so that there are no delays through the process of tracking and telephone interviews due to increased workload ".

With these data, as reported by information of "F", the tracking process will focus in the coming days on high-risk areas, such as nursing homes, where positive cases began to be recorded again, but also on specific age groups in which the greater number of cases. The age group of 20-50 years seems to be a priority at the moment, since among other things it is the citizens with the highest mobility and therefore their restriction is considered necessary from the first moment. Of course, due to the large number of cases recorded every 24 hours, the whole process can not be followed normally, as every day the number of people belonging to this age group is a few hundred and therefore the possibility of their timely detection becomes very difficult things.

The dozens of cases that are detected during the checks at the airports and concern people who come to Cyprus for tourism are also a headache for the Tracking Unit. In this case, in addition to the inability of the Unit to locate them in time, then there is a problem with their isolation for this and the Ministry of Health has promoted procedures to find their accommodation. Due to the large number of incidents detected at airports, the Ministry of Health may proceed with a proposal for even stricter conditions for travel to Cyprus.

The characteristics of the cases recorded in the last days are under the microscope of scientists, as the total number includes both unvaccinated people and people who have received two or even three doses of the vaccine.


For the citizens who prove positive in the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health informs that: 

> For instructions on filling out the online form, citizens can, after receiving the link and passwords, contact 22514241, 22514242, 22514243, 22514244 and 22514248 (Monday to Sunday 08: 00-00: 00).

In case a person does not receive a text message with the passwords and the link within 24 hours from his / her test, he / she can contact the Tracking Team at 22514264, 22514258, 22514259, 22771923 (Monday-Sunday 08: 00-00: 00) or by email or with the laboratory where the examination was performed, to check that his data was sent correctly to the Ministry of Health.