Tatar: We will never allow Cyprus to become Crete (VIDEO)

E. Tatar: "No power in the world can change what has been happening in Cyprus for half a century"

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In an interview with TRT, the new occupation leader Ersin Tatar described the idea of ​​the withdrawal of Turkish troops and the abolition of guarantees as unacceptable for the Turkish Cypriots, noting that President Anastasiadis is proud that he managed to bring Turkey to the negotiating table. to discuss this issue.

"For 50 years we have been negotiating with our E / K neighbors a federal solution, but we believe that the time has come to change the structure of the negotiations to go to a two-state solution. "When the Greek Cypriots talk about a federation, they mean a single state where there will be a majority and they will dominate the minority," Tatar said, referring to fruitless discussions.

"We have the support of Turkey, it is the leading country in the region and because we have tensions on the issue of oil and gas, Turkey is even more particularly interested in Cyprus," he said, referring to the Turkish narrative of Ankara's rights in the region. of its large coastline.

"No power in the world can change what has been happening in Cyprus for half a century," he stressed.

"If we lose our state (pseudo-state) we will become a minority under the majority and in the long run we will become Crete. There in Crete the Turks left because they could not continue living with the Greeks and now Crete became a Greek island. "We will not allow this to happen in any case in Cyprus," he said.

On the issue of natural gas, he was asked how they would benefit since it is not a recognized state, he replied that what matters is the support and recognition from Turkey.

In addition, Tatar said that the accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the EU was illegal and violated the Cypriot Constitution, because, as he claimed, in order for Cyprus to join the EU, both guarantor powers should have entered.

Over time, he said, we will promote trade with third countries because, he argued, everything is based on economic interests and not on diplomatic recognition. "It is our responsibility to strengthen the economy because if things do not go well everyone is pushing for a solution"

"We want an honest solution otherwise our national pride will be damaged," he said.

On the issue of Varos, the occupation leader pointed out that it would be difficult to open the enclosed area without the help and support of Ankara.

He said that the increase of the population is important for the strengthening of the pseudo-state and therefore the goal is the relocation of T / C to Cyprus from the United Kingdom and Turkey.

Source: Sigmalive