Erdogan "I wish our Cypriot brothers to buy real estate here"

"Turkish State of Cyprus": The term used more and more often by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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The Turkish president criticized him Kyriako Mitsotaki for his stance in Greek-Turkish, accusing the Greek Prime Minister of withdrawing from what was agreed at their last meeting at his Summit ΝΑΤΟ in Brussels:

"If you ask me how we got here ρετε You know, we had a meeting with him Mitsotaki in Brussels. In our meeting I told him: “From now on, it does not make sense to put a third, fourth country between us. There is Greece, there is also Turkey. You have a mentor, I also have a mentor. Let's activate our consultants. "Let them negotiate with each other, bring us the result and then let us meet to reach a result." "Do we agree"? "We agree." Less than a month has passed since then and he gets up to go to America to gather any enemy of Turkey. He is supposed to come out to face us with them. Behold! You see the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. They still cannot give us a positive answer to our proposal to organize a conference. They constantly put it on their feet. That is the situation. "

For the issue of Varosion, The Recep Tayyip Erdogan clarified that the partial opening of the enclosed city announced by the occupied occupies concerns the 3,5% corresponding to 425 buildings. He went even further in his revelations, giving details of his plan and intentions. He wished that Turkish Cypriots would take these properties from their owners, but said that the Turks would also be able to take them.

"First of all, our most ideal wish is, I wish our brothers in Northern Cyprus to apply for these places and buy them. But there may be those who will come from Turkey and own real estate here. We can pave the way for this. There is no obstacle to this. It is still rumored that the South would not be very interested in such jobs. These are also heard from our principles here. "At the moment, the issue we are paying more attention to is that the solution to this problem is done in accordance with the law, without causing any problem," said Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ο Recep Tayyip Erdogan He reiterated his position that the solution to the Cyprus problem he is promoting is based on the recognition of two states and argued that the Turkish side is the one making efforts for peace and stability on the island and in the region. As he said, "the time has come for negotiations between two states and not communities", emphasizing that they are determined not to allow the involvement of third parties.

Instead of sticking to parameters that have been proven to provide no solution, we present a vision for a fair, sustainable and realistic solution together with the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus". Touching on the substance of the issue, we argue that the sovereign equality and equality of the Turkish Cypriot "people" must be ratified. A new negotiation process that will not guarantee the acquired rights of Turkish Cypriots is doomed to failure. "It means nothing more than a waste of time," he said.

It is worth noting that Mr. Erdogan before, during and after his visit to the occupied territories now makes frequent use of the term "Turkish State of Cyprus", giving the stigma of his intentions and sending a message to the Turkish Cypriots.

Finally, the Turkish president was asked about the possibility of the Republic of Cyprus joining NATO, to answer how such a thing could not happen without the consent of Turkey. "They did it in the past for Greece, but today there is no such issue. Because now there is no (s.s. Turkish) government that existed when they put Greece. Now we are, "he said characteristically, drawing a parallel with Greece's return to the military wing of the Alliance in 1980.