Death of 3-year-old Christina: Water chemistry exams

The file will be sent to the Legal Service in the next period

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Investigations continue into the death of little Christina, who breathed her last in a hotel in Pafos. According to information from 24news, the investigators of the case have sent a sample of the pool water to a chemist for analysis.


Specifically, as we were duly informed, the purpose of this specialized examination is to ascertain whether the water was cloudy at the given time when the unfortunate 3-year-old was at the bottom of the pool.


From the first moment, in the framework of the investigations of the Authorities, there were the testimonies they had in their possession and they reported that the water of the hotel's swimming pool was cloudy, which may have affected the timely identification of the 3-year-old.


It is noted that in the next period the file of the case will be read again at the Legal Service, which will decide if there are any crimes.


We remind you that the Legal Service had asked the investigators of the TAE Paphos for additional statements.


The forensic examination carried out by the medical examiner Angeliki Papetta and the medical examiner Orthodoxos Orthodoxou, showed that Christina's death came from drowning in water and did not have any external injuries.


Besides, those who were present at the tragic incident, parents, employees, doctors, nurses, but also guests of the hotel, gave a statement to the TAE Paphos, while the Police examinations showed that the two lifeguards were present at the time of the sad incident.


The chronicle of the tragedy

According to what has become known, the family of the little girl from Nicosia went to Paphos for a few days vacation. On Sunday afternoon (14/8), all the family members were in the pool beds.


3-year-old Christina asked to swim in the small children's pool but was found floating unconscious in the hotel's large pool.


The unfortunate minor was spotted by a bather and a lifeguard.