What concerns hotel businesses – Constructive meeting with Pileidou

The Minister found particularly interesting specific recommendations submitted by STEK through a letter

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Members of the Board of Directors of STEK, led by its President, Akis Vavlitis, had a constructive meeting with the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, Natasa Pileidou and managers and senior executives from the Ministry's Energy, Industry and Technology Services.

According to a statement by STEK, in a period when energy costs are constantly increasing and at the same time actions to limit the energy footprint of companies are intensifying, the two sides had the opportunity to discuss important issues that concern hotel businesses.

Indicatively, the STEK delegation raised the issue of extending Virtual Net Metering and Virtual Net Billing to businesses as well, which currently applies only to the Agriculture sector and to domestic consumers, with the Minister showing understanding to the relevant request.

At the same time, an extension of the application period of the "Save-Upgrade Plan for Businesses and other entities", which ends on September 30, 2022, was requested.

In addition, according to the announcement, the Minister found particularly interesting the specific recommendations submitted by STEK in a letter in the previous period and committed to study them for further utilization.

It was agreed that STEK and the Ministry of Energy maintain an open line of communication for all important energy issues that concern hotel units.

In this context, it was decided that at the beginning of September, an information day would be co-organized for all the current and future subsidy plans of the Ministry that concern the tourism industry.

Source: KYPE