The existing spirit of the Holidays: Anonymous donated 20km to the Agios Stefanos Foundation

Anonymous donated 20 thousand euros to the Agios Stefanos Foundation


"The real generosity for the future is to give it our all in the present," said Albert Camus. By this logic we recognize the importance of fighting today for a better tomorrow.

In this spirit, an anonymous person donated € 20.000 to the "Agios Stefanos" foundation in Limassol for the purchase of necessary equipment. Along with the donation for the residents of the institution, a gift arrived for everyone related to clothing. Katerina Stogianni, Director of the foundation, stated that "The foundation, due to its size, has serious costs for its operation and we are really grateful when such people contribute without a second thought.

Specifically, this donor, who did not want to be named, also sent a gift for each of our children. Their joy was evident. Let each of us try to create opportunities and share joy so we can ".

The Agios Stefanos Foundation in Limassol is the oldest institution in Cyprus for people with intellectual disabilities. It is a private initiative charity and non-profit organization that operates as a living unit. It relies on state sponsorships and aid from contributions from the ordinary and sensitized world.

It accommodates 45 people daily providing permanent care and operates as a boarding school aiming at the "integration" of people with disabilities in the community. At the same time, it protects these people from survival problems due to their disability, due to financial problems, even in the event of the loss of their parents or guardians.

Source: Sigmalive