He was caught burglarizing a house – He is involved in six other burglaries

They fought a serial burglar

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After receiving relevant information, members of the TAE Limassol and the Polemidion Police Station went to an uninhabited house in the district of Limassol at around one in the afternoon yesterday.

A 23-year-old person was found inside the house, who, as determined by the tests, entered the house after previously breaking a sliding aluminum window with a sharp object.

The 23-year-old was not able to give a satisfactory explanation regarding his presence in the house and was arrested for an unprovoked crime.

During a physical search that was conducted, he was found to be in possession of property for which he did not give satisfactory explanations as to its possession, as well as a small amount of methamphetamine.

As part of the examinations, evidence emerged that allegedly implicates the 23-year-old in six other cases of burglaries and thefts committed in the province of Limassol.

The arrested person was taken into custody while the TAE Limassol and YKAN (Klimakio Limassol) continue the examinations.