Maria's mother bursts out: "She is alive... witnesses are being silenced" (VIDEO)

Maria disappeared on April 12, 2012 in Limassol, in the Lady's Mile area

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Maria Kakogianni's mother broke out once again. While Cyprus is standing by the mother of Thanasis Nikolaou and is asking for an immediate clarification of the soldier's murder, another martyred mother is asking the State to open the case.

Maria disappeared on April 12, 2012 in Limassol, in the Lady's Mile area.

It was Holy Week and she was partying with her mother at her house in Agios Ioannis (Limessos) and left without saying where she was going. Her car was found in the Lady's Mile area locked with a note which according to a private notary's opinion was the product of coercion.

The case gained substantial momentum when 9 months after her disappearance, her mother went to Angeliki Nikolouli to ask for help for her child.

Maria was a businesswoman from Limassol, an athlete in her youth and the mother of a boy.

In Protoselidos, Mrs. Evangelia was hosted, who burst out and said that Maria's son went to high school this year and his mother was no longer by his side. He emphasized that the State must reopen the case file and owes it to this child who wants to know where his mother is.

"All the children had their mother by their little Raphael once again on an important day of his life did not have his mother..doesn't he have the right to know what happened to his mother? I sincerely request that the case be taken out of the drawers and thoroughly investigated...”

Mrs. Evangelia claims that her daughter is alive and that she gave all the evidence she found to the Police. The Police were telling her that her daughter committed suicide and that she is not alive. "The suicide scenario was given by those who took her.. many people saw her... I can't identify her, only the Police can."

Asked if she thinks Maria's ex-husband is involved, she said "alas.. he quit his job to have an alibi on the day of the disappearance while he had a job of his own...". At another point she said that her daughter's ex-husband never contacted his son.

"People who had information and wanted to give it to me were threatened.. who is involved and silences the witnesses.. I appeal to those who know the truth to call the Police even anonymously. Until today, the Police focused its attention on suicide..," said Mrs. Evangelia, among other things.