Undersecretary Tourism: Tourism in Cyprus is taking on a new direction

"Tourism in Cyprus is taking on a new direction"

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Tourism in Cyprus is getting a new orientation (repurposing), aligned with the vision of the National Tourism Strategy (NTS) 2030, which is "the sustainable development of Cypriot tourism in a way that is beneficial for the economy, society and the environment", emphasizes the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, underlining at the same time that "through the various actions of EST 2030, Cyprus is already in the process of realizing the vision of the World Tourism Organization (WTO)".

In an announcement on the occasion of World Tourism Day, which is celebrated every year on September 27 and which this year is dedicated to the redefinition of tourism ("Rethinking Tourism"), the Deputy Ministry of Tourism states that the EST 2030, aiming to consolidate Cyprus as a of a full-time, quality, digitally intelligent and socially beneficial tourist destination, prioritises the human factor and the protection of the environment.

"We are therefore celebrating World Tourism Day 2022, highlighting the important role of tourism in shaping a country's sustainability policy," the Deputy Ministry of Tourism says and adds that "as the sector recovers, the WTO urges governments, leaders, businesses, workers and citizens to reflect : how we will shape the future of tourism by promoting the preservation of natural resources, the well-being of the residents of the destination and the constructive involvement of the local community.

According to the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, "the emphasis on the quality upgrade of the tourist product, the promotion of mountainous, critical and remote areas, the incentive plans for the development of special forms of tourism and the digital transition of providers, the grant of actions that strengthen the participation of artists in the provision of authentic tourist experiences and the provision of educational programs, are some of the actions that lead to the balanced distribution of the benefits of tourism in all regions of Cyprus".

It also states that the pandemic has accelerated this process, making the tourism sector a catalyst and driver of wider socio-economic recovery.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism also states that the impact of tourism is multi-layered and spans a variety of economic activities and adds that because of this, the way the sector has faced challenges and is moving towards a resilient management model can be a source of inspiration.

He adds that the "Rethinking Tourism" theme ultimately encourages the cultivation of tourist awareness, which presupposes on the one hand the recognition of the importance of tourism for our country and on the other hand, the assumption of the responsibility we bear as ambassadors of Cyprus.

Source: KYPE