Green light for further unlocking by cabinet

Kindergartens and gyms open - Wedding receptions are a question mark

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PD - Speech Presidential Palace, Nicosia, Cyprus The President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis addresses a speech to the citizens, during which he announces the new measures to support employees and the economy. // PoR - Address Presidential Palace, Lefkosia, Cyprus The President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, .addresses the public announcing the new measures to support the employees and the economy.

Before the Council of Ministers are the suggestions of the epidemiological group for the lifting of the 3rd and 4th phase of the restrictive measures.

It is noted that during yesterday's meeting of the epidemiological team with the President of the Republic, the possibility of accelerating the relaxation of certain measures was also discussed, with the decisions being taken at the political level at today's ministerial meeting.

In fact, it seems that at first there is a small disagreement between the Government and scientists for a transfer within June and the 4th phase of lifting the restrictive measures.

The 4th phase was originally scheduled for July 14, with epidemiologists, however, due to the good epidemiological picture, proposing its postponement for the end of June, with the decisions being taken, however, today. 

Kindergartens and special schools are opening

Based on what the Minister of Education said yesterday, the special schools will reopen from next week, while today the final decisions for the reopening of the kindergartens will be announced, with the predominant date for the gradual return of the children being June 9th.

Between June 9-12, the official first is expected for the gyms, which will operate under strict conditions by appointment, and with fewer practitioners in the area, but also for dance schools.

It is reminded that for June 9, the opening of the closed spaces of the catering companies and the shopping centers is also planned.

Weddings from September

Regarding the issue of marriage, it is expected that September will be the month of weddings, but not as we know them in Cyprus, as strict conditions and measures will be introduced.

According to government sources, the President of the Republic considers it ideal to have a longer delay in the performance of weddings. What is problematic are two points and specifically the management of food especially in open weddings of 1000 -2000 people with buffet and the use of toilets and other sanitary facilities.

According to the Offsite website, the issue of festivals will be discussed again at a later stage, although the scientific team is currently considering a suitable period in September for their holding.