Rapid developments in the Kallitsioni case

The two suspects will appear in court tomorrow

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The two detainees, aged 29 and 40, are expected to be brought before the Famagusta District Court tomorrow morning, suspected of the brutal murder of Panagiotis Kallitsionis, which took place on June 25, outside the victim's paternal home.

The two are residents of the free province of Famagusta and are known to the authorities for their actions.

The members of the investigative team of the case, reached the traces of the two, after an evaluation of scientific evidence, but also from the results of the findings on the scene of the brutal murder.

In fact, it is not excluded that the two suspects are also connected to the motorcycle, which is presumed to have been used as an escape route for the perpetrators and has been in the hands of the authorities since last week.

According to the examinations, the perpetrator seemed to be waiting in a nearby field, hidden behind an oven in the courtyard of the house, as at this point were found cartridges and shoe presses, as well as other findings.

The 29-year-old, a father of two, was with a friend in his paternal home until he said goodbye to leaving at around XNUMXpm.

However, the 29-year-old's friend, while entering his vehicle to leave, heard gunshots and ran back to Kallitsionis, where he was found dead lying on a pool of blood, on the porch of the house, with bullet wounds.

According to what he testified at the beginning of the same night, he heard a motorcycle leaving the scene at breakneck speed, but did not realize if one or two people were riding in it.

A large motorcycle, shortly after hearing the shooting, heard a neighbor leave the scene, who said that the day before the murder, he had seen two motorcycles coming and going and suspected that they were moving suspiciously.