In the counterattack Nouris - "Immigrant paradise Cyprus during AKEL days"

"Instead of seeing the problems and the interest of the country, the opposition party is trying to gain temporary party benefits by distorting the reality."

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The Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris, counterattacked the criticism received by the Government, from AKEL, for the immigration problem, stating that for the umpteenth time "instead of the opposition party seeing the problems and the interest of the country, it tries to distort its to reap temporary partisan benefits. "

"Today's protest by the residents of the communities of Western Nicosia is a perfectly justified outburst caused by the rapid increase in migration flows," the Interior Ministry said, adding that "through AKEL's passionate announcement of 621 words, we are still looking for find the words "Turkey", "illegal crossings of the green line", "the need to preserve the demographics of our country", or even a conversation about the problems that our Communities and cities face, such as Chloraka, Drousia, Kokkinotrimithia, Troulloi, old Nicosia and so many other areas ".

The Ministry of Interior also states that "for the increased flows, the operative cause, according to AKEL, is not Turkey that, according to a general admission, is instrumentalizing immigration at the expense of our country, but Anastasiadis and the Alarm".

He adds that "the main cause, gentlemen of AKEL, is neither President Anastasiadis nor the Democratic Alarm. "It is clearly Turkey, aided by the indifference of our compatriots in the occupied territories."

"After all, it is, if nothing else, ridiculous for AKEL to deliver immigration management lessons to the Government, when in their day they took care to make Cyprus an immigrant paradise," he adds.

In addition, he states that "for the umpteenth time the Minister of Interior is also in the crosshairs, who is accused by AKEL of doing nothing in immigration" and adds that "finally in AKEL they should decide: If he does nothing in immigration, why mania with which his actions are judged and condemned? "

They point out to us, as stated in the announcement of the Ministry of Interior, "that it is our obligation to adopt the policy of open door for anyone who would like to come to our semi-occupied homeland, ignoring for the citizens of this country, the consequences of demographic change , the social impact, but also the increase in crime ".

The Ministry of Interior also states that "it is at least offensive and hypocritical, in the same announcement, for AKEL to criticize the residents of the tested communities for their reactions, ignoring their own human rights, but to finally state that it will stand by them".

Stating that AKEL is wondering "why we spent the millions of aid of the European Union", the Ministry of Interior states that "we have repeatedly informed them in the most official way in Parliament, that for the last five years we have raised 117 million from the European Union".

"Let us also remind AKEL that what the Republic of Cyprus received from the EU for the programming period 2014-2021 concerned what their own government requested in the EU and which was obviously not enough to cover even half of the real needs" , states and adds that "as a result, at the same time, the Cypriot taxpayer was asked to pay an additional 178 million to cover the expenses and benefits of immigrants."

Moreover, in the position of AKEL that the Minister of Interior does not do anything in immigration, the Ministry of Interior states that "among the" few "that have taken place in recent months, is the elimination of the phenomenon of fictitious marriages and the revocation of more than 1.500 residence permits The product of the virtual students, the increase of the staffing of the asylum service with more than 53 additional staff, the construction of the new Reception Center and the promotion of the pre-departure center in LIMNES, with 10 judges of the Court of International Protection, the establishment of a list of safe countries, the conclusion of bilateral agreements with the number of countries for returns, the purchase of a surveillance system, but mainly the implementation of a new rapid review policy which completes the examination of asylum applications within 10 days and with which it was possible to serve 12.500 discards this year alone decisions ".

He states that "the problem remains the long length of the green line through which hundreds of immigrants cross illegally every night and about which AKEL does not talk at all".

"On the contrary, it continues to denounce the government that, for the first time, stood in the way of the Turkish parliament and in its attempt to make the Ledra Palace roadblock, like the well-known case of the two Cameroonians, an additional passage for illegal immigrants."

However, the answer to AKEL on the issue, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "was given only a few days ago by the Pope himself, who in a show of real solidarity and recognizing the intentions of the occupying authorities received the two persons."

DISY also gave an answer to AKEL

The Democratic Alarm, which is on the same wavelength as the Minister of Interior, gave its own response to the fire received from AKEL.

According to DISY, "it would be unprecedented for all of us if AKEL, even for once, spoke against the real culprit who is none other than Turkey who tools the immigration and not the Minister of Interior or the Democratic Alarm."

He also notes that "it would be unprecedented for AKEL to decide and say to society what they want in terms of immigration. "Should policies be implemented to deal with it or should Cyprus be made open to all without any control?"

He also points out that "if for AKEL the aim is to make the country a migrant paradise, ignoring any consequences of the burden that our society is already lifting, then it will find not only us but also society itself. "If AKEL wants to return to the subsidy policies and the ineffective conditions for examining the applications for political asylum, it will find not only us but also the society itself, which justifiably protests."

Finally, he emphasizes that "we will continue the government and Democratic Alarm with anthropocentric policies to treat the issue with the appropriate seriousness, but guided by the given disproportionate burden in receiving informal immigrants and asylum seekers that the country raises, with multiple effects on society."

AKEL raised his glove again

For its part, AKEL raised its glove and responded to the Minister of Interior, saying that "it would be better instead of the Minister of Interior to try to answer AKEL to give substantive answers on how he intends to manage the explosive situation created by incompetence. and the inadequate management it does in Pournara, but also in general in a difficult issue such as immigration ".

He also notes that "600 people have been stacked in an area of ​​2500 people, resulting in problems both inside and outside Pournara. The residents of the area are for the inability of the government and itself to manage the situation they are complaining about and they should be given the answers. This is not the case today. AKEL warned about it and the Minister of Interior is aware of it, since on the initiative of AKEL he went on the spot. "Unfortunately, as he does elsewhere, he did nothing."

"Government-Alarm handling is the root cause of the problem"

It is recalled that the opposition Government and AKEL started after the first announcement of the opposition party, which claimed that "the situation prevails at the Pournara Center for Immigrants and Asylum Seekers in Kokkinotrimithia, a reception center that should accommodate 600 people for a few today and hosts 2,500 thousand and many of them for many months, it is really difficult and objectively creates difficulties in neighboring communities.

He also noted that "the overcrowding of people in this center and in this area creates real, real issues and problems for the communities in the area. But in order to find a solution to the problems, the crucial question must first be answered: What is the root cause of the problem? What is it that gives birth, that creates the problem? "

As he pointed out, "the root cause of the problem is the unacceptable and irresponsible handling of the Anastasiadis-Alarm Government which stacks people in the reception center of the area, creating at the same time very serious problems for both the immigrants and the residents of the area."

He also cited the arguments that "we want to point out the following at the same time:

1. Cyprus, like all states, is obliged to comply with international and European law. This means that the Republic of Cyprus is obliged to accept asylum seekers, provide them with access to asylum services and process their applications quickly and efficiently. For this purpose, Cyprus is financed with funds from the European Union. Specifically for the purposes of asylum and immigration policy, our country by 2024 will have raised 250 million euros. For the period we are going through, 4 million euros have already been allocated for "Pournara". It is questionable what management was done to learn that the people who live in "Pournara" are often deprived of basic goods for their survival and hygiene.

2. The Anastasiadis Government is audited not only for the management of the funds but also for the management of the immigration problem itself.

3. Her indifference and incompetence has created an explosive situation in the Reception Center of "Pournara" and elsewhere. It is noteworthy that in 2012 there were 1200 asylum applications pending. There are currently more than 18 asylum applications pending. Who is responsible for this? "Who else but the Government and the competent Minister did little to staff the Asylum Service and expedite the examination of asylum applications?"

He also stressed that "the problems that exist and the issues that arise for the residents of the area are understandable. What is problematic, however, is some of the demands raised by the community leaders of the region (Kokkinotrimithia, Mammari, Denia) which smell of racism, such as banning the movement of immigrants. If the aim is really to solve the problems that arise in the area, the attention and pressure of the Commonwealths and the inhabitants of the Communities must turn to the Ministry of Interior and the Government who with the unacceptable handling of the issue and especially the handling of the Center Host "Pournara", have created all this difficult situation. We are very afraid that some of the unacceptable issues that will be raised will be exploited by extreme, fascist elements, not to solve the problems of course but to promote their inhuman ideologies. Such a development will first and foremost wrong the inhabitants of the area who are not responsible at all for the situation that has developed. "Such an image of racist exploitation of the situation will also be directed against the Community authorities and will make it difficult to address the issues."

Finally, he stated that "AKEL will intensify its efforts alongside the residents of the region and with respect for human rights and international law so that the situation improves and the problems are overcome, putting the rulers before their responsibilities."