Record number of tourist arrivals in Cyprus for February

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A new record of tourist arrivals was recorded in February, surpassing the arrivals recorded in previous years in the second month of the year, while a record was set in the first two months.

The arrivals of tourists tin February 2019 amounted to 105.571 compared to 101.481 in February 2018, recording an increase of 4,0%, based on the results of the Traveler Survey.

"The arrivals of February 2019 were the highest we had in Cyprus until today during the month of February", reports the Statistical Service.

In the two months of January - February 2019, tourist arrivals amounted to 187.541 compared to 177.348 in the corresponding period of 2018, recording an increase of 5,7%, but also exceeding the arrivals ever recorded in Cyprus during the first two months of the year.

According to the Statistical Service, arrivals from the United Kingdom increased by 3,9% in February 2019 compared to February 2018, while arrivals from Greece were at the same levels as last year. On the contrary, there was a decrease of 22,7% in tourist arrivals from Russia, 13,4% decrease from Israel and 10,5% decrease from Germany.

The United Kingdom was the main source of tourism for Cyprus in February 2019, with 35,1%, followed by Greece with 11,4%, Russia with 8,8% and Israel with 7,5%.

The purpose of travel in February 2019 was for a percentage of 59,0% of tourists the holidays, for 22,0% the visit to friends or relatives and for a percentage of 18,6% business.

Large increase in the trips of Cypriots abroad

Moreover, based on the results of the Travelers' Survey, the trips of Cypriots abroad in February 2019 amounted to 102.756 compared to 94.418 in February 2018, recording an increase of 8,8%.

In February 2019, there was a 9,1% increase in returns - arrivals of Cypriots from the United Kingdom (16.553 in February 2019 compared to 15.167 in February 2018) and a 53,1% increase from Russia (6.828 compared to 4.461 last year).

Source: KYPE