Cooking: 10 smart tips that give us economical solutions!

Cooking and economics

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Its a fact! The phrase "I have to save!" dominates our minds. But in practice? We hear phrases like zero food-waste and low-waste lifestyle, we talk about them, but... do we apply them?

Economy should become a way of life, less waste should not be just a trend! And there are easy ways and practices to achieve this, while simple changes in our daily habits can make a big difference.

Below, we give you 10 smart, practical and completely economical cooking solutions that will save time and your pocket!

1. Invest in modern appliances

Modern electrical devices with low energy consumption can consume up to 50% less electricity than a corresponding device of lower efficiency. And the difference in the electricity bill (and of course in the environment) is huge! The Thermomix® is an excellent economical investment (it combines 20+ household appliances in one!), since it saves us from unnecessary small appliances, with less electricity consumption, saving us valuable time.

2. The list saves… money!

Before we go shopping, it's a good idea to make a list of everything we need and avoid bulk and unnecessary food purchases. In fact, with the Thermomix® we can program the weekly list on the TM6 screen easily, with the help of the Cookidoo® electric recipe platform which gives us thousands of options on what to cook and automatically generates our shopping list of what we choose, sending us her by email. It's so practical!

Thermomix, economy tips, KITCHEN

3. Doing… stock the stock

We save the leftover vegetables from when we cook in a bag in the freezer or even better, throw them in the Thermomix® bucket at the same time and make delicious broths that we will definitely need to give extra flavor to our various dishes.

4. Proper storage

It is very important that we store food correctly in the right containers and at the right temperature and understand how expiry dates apply so we don't throw away food that is still being eaten. It is very important to crack down on food-

waste and to change the behavior towards mindless consumption! Thermomix® can become our absolute ally in this effort.

5. Homemade flavors

If the fruit is overripe, we don't throw it away! With the ease of the Thermomix® we can easily make jams, juices or smoothies and with the tomatoes a delicious sauce, even ketchup! And if the lemons are ripe, we make homemade lemonade, inside the TM6 bin, which everyone will love!

6. In 4 levels!

Our life is made even easier by using the versatility of the Thermomix®, which allows us to prepare four different tasty recipes at the same time, saving time and effort and spending more time with family and friends! It's amazing to be able to steam fish or chicken in the Varoma tray, and at the same time cook vegetables, rice and sauce – all in one device!

Thermomix, economy tips, KITCHEN

7. From… home!

We make sure to prepare snacks from home to take to work or to give to the children at school. The profit is very big in a month and really worthwhile in a long time. With Thermomix® we can easily make healthy bars and homemade yogurt, hazelnut or peanut butter spread and so much more! Thus, we save a significant expense that we would give to the supermarket!

8. Knead and forget

The oven is an asset in itself! We can easily reduce it to a minimum, with just one kitchen tool: the Thermomix®! The 'Dough' function gives us easy-to-execute recipes to make perfectly fragrant buns, slices, sourdough bread, pizza base, olive pies, cheese pies, croissants and anything else we want, spending half of what we would spend in the oven the neighbourhood's.

9. Speed... saves!

We puree, grind and crush almost anything, quickly and easily, with the Thermomix® and Vorwerk's 500W motor with rotation and speed higher than 10,000 revolutions per minute to save valuable time and energy. It's so simple to use, safe and fast!

10. The saving gadget!

We cook creatively and experiment thanks to the reliable functions of the Thermomix® for stable and unerring results and with significant savings in time and money! We fry our food in the 'High' mode

Temperature' easily and quickly for more flavor, we cook in a vacuum at low temperatures with the 'Sous-vide' function and achieve the perfect steaming with the Varoma or with the 'Slow cooking' function for an incredibly juicy and delicious result!

*Visit his website Thermomix for more information.

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