25 cleaning jobs that need to be done now in the fall to have a clean house all winter

Autumn work is not postponed, no matter how boring and time consuming it may be for a housewife, as it should be done as long as possible.


Autumn work is not postponed, no matter how boring and time consuming it may be for a housewife, as the best possible preparation must be made for the coming winter.

It's time to dump her and move on.

It would be good to gather autumn works in a list, which will help you say goodbye to summer and prepare your house internally and externally for the coming winter.

Clean and store patio furniture, umbrellas, children's summer toys.
Refresh the color of your benches, railings and chairs. Use a wire brush to remove the peeled paint.
Insulate windows and doors. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for re-insulation if needed.
Inspect exterior doors and garage doors. Do not close well? Install, insulating where needed.
Wash the exterior windows.
Drain and store your tires. Install insulating covers on the external taps. In areas with heavy winters, empty the tires of water to prevent them from freezing.
Check gutters and pipettes. Clean them if necessary. In areas with heavy winters, install heating cables to prevent ice from accumulating.
Clean your chimneys and fireplaces if needed.

Autumn is the time to clean your house so that your family has a clean house for the coming winter. The weather is good so take advantage of it.

Focus on common areas: living room, family room, entrance, guest bathroom.
Clean from top to bottom. curtains, windows. Clean your windows and shutters and skirting boards.
Put on the vacuum cleaner and clean your furniture, or you can get someone else to clean it for you. Move your furniture and wipe under and behind it.
Wash the windows internally.
Turn layers from front to back and from end to end to balance their wear
Wash or clean all bedding: Mattresses, pillows, duvets, blankets, duvets. Put the family in a warm and comfortable winter bed.
Schedule a professional carpet cleaning earlier this month! The warm October afternoons speed up the drying of carpets. Most carpet cleaners are busy by the end of October, so plan ahead for better service.

Prepare your kitchen. Clean and organize the kitchen cabinets, paying special attention to the pans in the pots and the rest of the equipment.
Clean your countertops and pick up what you no longer use to save space.
Pull the refrigerator away from the wall, and wipe it from behind. To clean and from under the refrigerator take a long narrow brush to clean the accumulated dust.
Wash your lamps.
Check what you may be missing. Look for reserves of coarse salt that you may need in a heavy winter.
Check and empty your vacuum cleaner.
Clean the air conditioners once a month for more efficient operation. Put their filters in an empty dishwasher. (Before doing so, consult the manual for specific product recommendations).
Clean the radiators

Inspect the hoses of your tires for bumps, cracks or splits. Replace them every year.
Check gutters for fluff, dust or bird nests! Make sure the outer ventilation door closes securely when not in use.
Do all your disinfection now and do not expect to do it in the winter.
Buy new filters for the winter. Change filters every month for maximum energy savings and indoor comfort.
Drain the dregs from the water heaters.


Source: Mommy & Daddy cool