The conspiracy theory about the immortal Keanu Reeves on the internet

keklttni001 Death, Kianou Rivs

Many believe it and even cite "evidence"

Scenarios for wildlife are well kept on the internet. Some say that Keanu Reeves, the Hollywood actor, is immortal and some others, many others, are ready to believe it!

And they even cite "evidence", the historical photographs of the French actor Paul Mounet, who lived between 1847-1922. But he is not Mounet, we are told, but Keanu.


Even older photos of Kiano are quoted to show us that time does not touch him. And he is not even 150 years old, but 1.300 XNUMX, as you can see in historical evidence. Even website has been made to expose the conspiracy of the aged and immortal Keanu.


And while that's ridiculous enough to be outrageous, the joke is how many people believe it. In relevant referendum of The Tilt, a good… 74% appears convinced that he is indeed immortal!