Press the accelerator instead of the brake and end up in the oven (vid)

To their surprise, they saw an elderly woman in a New York bakery end up with her car inside.

Car went into the oven

A 82 year old woman was found with her car inside a New York bakery and made them glasses nails. What happened; Instead of pressing the brake, he pressed the accelerator resulting in it ending up in the oven.
«It was a miracle. I was at the checkout and everyone else was in different corners of the oven. It all happened so fast. I heard the crash and saw it in the middle of the oven. We are blessed. Anything damaged can be repaired", Said the husband of the owner of the oven.
According to the "New York Post", the 82-year-old was not injured. Only one customer suffered a minor hand injury and received first aid on the spot. The oven will remain closed for two weeks for necessary repairs.