The astrological predictions of Sunday 5 February 2023

The Full Moon is formed in the sign of Leo, the focus will be on the social image and projection, on the presentation of the personality, the goal will be conquest and dominance. In matters of a professional and financial nature, there will be a willingness to take risks and initiatives, the openings will be utilized immediately. The characteristics will be self-confidence, capacity, the approaches and pursuits will be direct, the goal will be the positive and quick result.



Krie, the mood to communicate your feelings is strong and you can turn to people around you to discuss issues that may concern you. It is important as this will help you to balance psychologically and have a great mood. 

Professional - financial 

Discussions at the commercial level can play a leading role as you are given the opportunity to show a quick perception of things. By taking initiatives and expressing your views with dynamism, you will gain the trust of those around you and this will play an important role in the development of your aspirations.

You can express what you feel to your partner by showing a good mood and be sure that he will immediately understand your needs and wants. The unattached is important to be able to show a new person who is interested in you what is it that makes you feel beautiful.


Taurus, selfishness can lead you to imposing moods and that is enough to create problems in the important relationships in your life. Take care to put aside the subjectivity that leaves no room for clear judgment and traps you in your ego.

Professional - financial

Controversy with your partners will be intense as you seem immobile in what you believe and leave no room for balanced solutions. Make sure you get rid of your nervousness and immobile mood so that you can harmonize the needs of everyone on a professional level.

It is possible to become harsh with your partner wanting to impose your views, this will be enough to enter into a process of controversy. The unattached do not become aggressive with the person you are interested in as this will be the reason you will leave.


Giving up today, take advantage of the need to communicate with friendly people as this will work beneficially in your psychology. In this way you have the opportunity to see objectively what is it that satisfies your friends and can connect you to the absolute degree. 

Professional - financial

Good communication skills will play an important role in bringing you closer to business goals than ever before. Expressing your aspirations, it is possible to approach people next to you who are willing to support you in order to achieve your dreams.

Innovative ideas and thoughts can become goals for you and your partner, something that works rejuvenatingly for your relationship. The unattached can be the protagonist by communicating with a person from the friendly environment who shows his intense interest in you.


Cancer, communication now focuses on your friends as at night you have the opportunity to get closer than ever with friends who have common views visits. This can create unique ideas that will become commonplace.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of this situation to close issues that are pending and affect your business plans. You have the opportunity to provide solutions that will work as a relief and will fill you with confidence for personal pursuits that you want to achieve in the future.

You have the opportunity to close issues of the past that may concern your relationship. This will relieve your psychology and get you out of introversion. The unmarried is likely to communicate with a person who is returning to your life. The time crew came to clarify your position.


Leo, by communicating with people from your wider relative and friendly environment, you are renewed and create new plans for the future. It is important to express thoughts and aspirations as the people you are talking to respond positively to what you are thinking.

Professional - financial

The day focuses on your thinking in professional plans that you want to achieve. It is important for you to be able to become famous. You can give your best in professional discussions as you impress with the method and responsibility that distinguishes you.

Excellent communication will play an important role in having optimism and intense sensuality in your personal life, enjoying every moment with your partner. The unattached is likely to communicate with a person who gives you the impetus to design unique things for your personal development.


Virgo, your communicative mood changes as you focus on talking to people in your wider family and friends. The day gives you the opportunity to make plans for the future that fill you with joy and optimism. 

Professional - financial

It is important for you to sort out professional issues that may be pending and causing you stress. Make sure you put aside the insecurities and suspicions that can affect the course of the discussions and trust your instinct that shows you how to move.

The fun characterizes you and this can lead to unique conversations with your partner that work extremely refreshing for your relationship. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with a person who opens new spiritual horizons in front of you and impresses you with his knowledge.


Libra, you are entering a period of introversion and suspicion that can affect communication with people around you. Be careful as your insecurities can lead to conflicts and energize the positive atmosphere that may exist.

Professional - financial

Communicating with your co-workers helps you regain your psychology and create the right conditions for resolving issues that may have caused obstacles and tension in your relationship. Be careful because suspicion makes its appearance and strongly affects you.

Conversations with your partner can be an optimistic development as there is a common disposition for conciliation and resolution of possible issues that may concern you. The unattached can not communicate with a person who stimulates your interest and you probably consider it ideal for your partner.


Scorpio, you are going through a period of discussion and communication that is important to you. You show understanding and compromise in the wishes of others and this helps you maintain the necessary balance and avoid unnecessary conflicts. 

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to take advantage of the next period with discussions that may be starring your associates. You have the opportunity to immediately understand what is what can satisfy everyone. The understanding you show plays an important role in achieving the best possible collaborations.

You need to listen to what satisfies your partner and show the necessary mood to cover all that can bring harmony in your relationships. The unattached can easily express emotions that will touch the person you are interested in, something that will bring you closer.


Sagittarius, creativity stars in the day as you are given the opportunity to show what really pleases you. Communication with people around you is easy and they show the willingness to cover you emotionally realizing your possible insecurities.

Professional - financial

The next period has the opportunity to solve everyday issues in the best possible way. This will play an important role in the work environment as everyone recognizes the quick perception and intelligent approach you have.

Communicating with your partner takes you to the next level as he seems to fully understand what it is that covers your relationship and can take love to the next level. The unattached have the opportunity to immediately express feelings and desires to the person you really care about, this will be enough to bring you closer.


Capricorn, the day gives you the opportunity to become more creative by expressing feelings and needs with greater ease. At the same time, however, you seek to become the center of attention and this can be annoying as you become excessive in your expressions and movements.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of this situation to solve issues at work that concern you as you can understand what is what will satisfy your colleagues. You have the opportunity to get rid of stress and get rid of pending issues that affected your crisis.

Be careful not to get caught up in your personal needs as this will show the selfish side of yourself, something your partner will not like. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with people who are distracting you, be careful because the subjective mood can spoil the atmosphere between you. 


Aquarius, you are given the opportunity to communicate directly with the people around the family. What you seek is to clarify situations that may be pending from the past and still affect the relationship between you.

Professional - financial

Trade dominates and may lead to agreements that will be highly constructive for you. You are going through a period where real estate issues may be on your mind and you need to be careful as sentimentality can lead to wrong decisions.

The tenderness and understanding you show in your partner's demands help you to normalize the situation and calm down in our relationship. The unattached can turn to the person you are interested in and create a pleasant atmosphere between you, thus helping to express emotions in a direct way.


Pisces, the good mood you have can take you out of negative thoughts and emotional ups and downs that make you nervous. Do not allow tension to dominate and affect important relationships in your life. This will cause frustration for those around you.

Professional - financial

Commercial deals that probably get your attention are not going the way you would like them to as issues of the past are emerging and may become an obstacle to the moves you want to make. Mature thinking and realistic action will take you out of tension.

Communication will play a decisive role in the existence of harmony in the relationship, stay away from intransigence and cruelty that will lead to conflicts. The unattached have the ability to communicate with a person who generates unique emotions, attention to abrupt behaviors that will negatively affect developments.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from