Lose weight by eating: 13 delicious low-calorie foods that cut the appetite with a knife

There are diet foods that help us lose weight, as they have few calories, are rich in volume and cut our appetite.

kante diaita kai chaste kila trogontas trofes ploysies se ogko me liges thermides poy mporoyn na kopsoyn tin orexi 4 ΑΠΩΛΕΙΑ ΚΙΛΩΝ, ΑΣΚΗΣΗ, ΔΙΑΤΗΤΙΚΕΣ ΤΡΟΦΕΣ, ΘΕΡΜΙΔΕΣ, ΟΡΕΞΗ, ΤΡΟΦΕΣ ΠΟΥ ΚΟ

There are diet foods that help us lose weight, as they have few calories, are rich in volume and cut our appetite.

Fortunately, there is a way we can trick our appetite and reduce it when it comes to consuming what is in the fridge or on our table.

The idea of ​​appetite suppressants is based on volumetric theory, as it is called. There are foods rich in volume, but with low caloric value that their consumption will help the body tend to eat less during the meal.

Dietary foods: Foods that are rich in water and natural fiber

These foods have the property of being very low in calories and yet to create the feeling of satiety faster than others. The other advantage of these foods is that no matter how large the amount you consume, their caloric value remains low.

The point of most diets is that they cut out a large percentage of the foods you used to eat. With the help of "satisfying" foods, you get large amounts of food in a low calorie program and lead to satiety.

kante diaita kai chaste kila trogontas trofes ploysies se ogko me liges thermides poy mporoyn na kopsoyn tin ΑΠΩΛΕΙΑ ΚΙΛΩΝ, ΑΣΚΗΣΗ, ΔΙΑΙΤΗΤΙΚΕΣ ΤΡΟΦΕΣ, ΘΕΡΜΙΔΕΣ, ΟΡΕΞΗ, ΤΡΟΦΕΣ ΠΟΥ ΚΟΒΟΥΝ

Water is a powerful anorexic and if you drink a glass of water as soon as you start to feel hungry you will see that after 10 minutes your appetite decreases in almost any case. Water also helps your body metabolize stored fat efficiently. A dehydrated body tends to retain fat and consuming enough water is essential in this regard as well. Many times we confuse hunger with thirst, eating instead of drinking water, other times we remain dehydrated without realizing it, which results in our body getting tired and asking for more food. You can drink the water before, after, but also during a meal.

A study in people who followed a low-calorie diet found that those who drank 2 cups of water before their meals lost about 7 pounds in 12 weeks, compared with those who did not drink water and lost 5 pounds.

kante diaita kai chaste kila trogontas trofes ploysies se ogko me liges thermides poy mporoyn na kopsoyn tin orexi 1 ΑΠΩΛΕΙΑ ΚΙΛΩΝ, ΑΣΚΗΣΗ, ΔΙΑΤΗΤΙΚΕΣ ΤΡΟΦΕΣ, ΘΕΡΜΙΔΕΣ, ΟΡΕΞΗ, ΤΡΟΦΕΣ ΠΟΥ ΚΟ

Dietary foods: Apples

Synonymous with health. They contain vitamins A, B, C (12 mg). They contain 2.02 gr of edible fibers, which create the feeling of satiety, without feeling the weight. They help in cases of anemia, tonic action on the liver, kidneys and digestive system, cleanses and filters the blood and has anti-inflammatory properties. Daily consumption of 2-4 apples protects against cellular damage that impairs memory over time and is associated with the onset of Alzheimer's disease or other dementia. Apples stabilize blood sugar levels and we do not feel hungry for a long time.

Dietary foods: Caffeine

We consume it daily either for pleasure or as a stimulant or as a lipotropic. Caffeine is found in 60 different plant species and is found in the leaves, seeds or fruits produced by these plants. Of course, in addition to its beneficial properties, caffeine also affects the appetite by reducing hunger. So small amounts of caffeine during the day will help you control it.

Dietary foods: Green tea

Green tea is known for its antioxidants and their benefits. It also promotes the release of hormones that control or reduce the urge to eat. Green tea promotes thermogenesis, which increases metabolic rate, inhibiting fat digestion and boosting energy. It also burns fat naturally and helps burn up to 43% more fat.

Dietary foods: Soups

Another way to create satiety is to eat natural soup, not by adding additional fats such as cream, cheese, etc., before the meal.
In this way we are full, hydrated but at the same time receive the necessary nutrients.

Dietary foods: Salads

Wouldn't you like a vegetable salad with lettuce, spinach and arugula? So eat a small salad before your main meal to avoid overeating. Its high fiber content will delay the entry of glucose into the blood and you will not feel hungry quickly. A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association states that women who ate a simple 100-calorie salad before dinner consumed 12% fewer calories during a meal. Vegetables are low in calories, low in carbohydrates, low in fat and high in fiber. It is your best choice if you want to increase the amount of food you eat without having to worry about high calories. By eating vegetables, you are providing your body with some very important nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) while there are studies that show that the calcium they contain can help in weight loss.

Dietary foods: Oats

Rich in fiber, oats have many benefits for our health and especially for our heart. In fact, the discovery after clinical research that ivory reduces the amount of "bad" cholesterol (LDL) in the blood has made it very popular in recent years. So the best way to start your day is with a meal rich in oats. Its high fiber content also creates a feeling of fullness faster. Oats are also ideal for diabetics, because they have a low glycemic index.

Dietary foods: Eggs

Recent research has shown that eating an egg for breakfast suppresses appetite for a long time and I personally consider it one of the most ideal breakfast options. You can make an omelette only with egg whites (because proteins help suppress hunger) or boiled but make sure it is molasses because this preserves in the yolk the choline and lecithin that have a cholesterol-protecting effect. It is probably the ideal food you can eat if you want to lose weight. They have enough high quality protein, healthy fats, and can fill you up by consuming few calories. If you include them in your breakfast, you will have created a satisfying schedule from the first hours of the day and it will be easier to discipline the rest of your meals.

Dietary foods: Lentils

They delay the process of digestion and create the feeling of satiety for a long time. You can use them as a cold salad or as a side dish, e.g. with oily fish (salmon).

Dietary foods: Salmon and tuna

It is a rich source of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids that help control cholesterol, triglycerides, provide protection against degenerative diseases such as prostate cancer, improve mood and depression, and boost brain function. Their excellent content of good fats and proteins, create the feeling of satiety for a long time. Its flesh and fat are digested and assimilated at a rate of up to 98%, which indicates the degree of utilization of nutrients by the body.

kante diaita kai chaste kila trogontas trofes ploysies se ogko me liges thermides poy mporoyn na kopsoyn tin orexi 2 ΑΠΩΛΕΙΑ ΚΙΛΩΝ, ΑΣΚΗΣΗ, ΔΙΑΤΗΤΙΚΕΣ ΤΡΟΦΕΣ, ΘΕΡΜΙΔΕΣ, ΟΡΕΞΗ, ΤΡΟΦΕΣ ΠΟΥ ΚΟ

Dietary foods: Almonds

Another source of good fats that reduce hunger. It is an ideal choice for snacks, as long as they are taken in normal quantities. And of course do not expect to be hungry to consume them, but prefer to eat them a little while ago.

Dietary foods: Pine nuts

One of the latest and most effective supplements for reducing appetite that are starting to appear in the overseas market today are capsules containing pine nuts. Pine nuts contain pinoleic acid, which is a very strong appetite suppressant. In one study, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) from pine nuts boosted two hormones known to have a positive effect on reducing appetite. According to the research, overweight women reported significantly less desire to eat only 30 minutes after taking the capsule with pinoleic acid, compared to the olive oil that was the placebo. So eating some pine nuts that are the main source of pinoleic acid can also effectively fight your unwanted hunger pangs.

Dietary foods: Lean meat

The triptych of lean meat, water and fiber seems to be the golden key to losing weight and losing points from the famous buns. Lean meat, fish, poultry, soy, eggs fill you with energy, satiate you and do not make you fat. Meat can be your best friend if you want to lose weight. The reason; But the huge amount of high quality protein it contains. You will not find anything better in other foods. Although processed meat is definitely something we should avoid, in our time the options are a bit limited in terms of organic, mainly due to the large price difference. However, red - unprocessed - meat does NOT increase the chances of having a heart problem.

Dietary foods: Protein foods

Eat more protein foods. A key human gut hormone (PYY) or which increases with protein intake may be why protein-rich diets further enhance the feeling of satiety and aid in weight loss.

Even 20 to 30 grams of extra protein to consume per day at each meal you will quickly see your appetite be drastically reduced.
Protein is a very filling ingredient in food and can certainly help you burn 80 to 100 calories a day simply because you eat enough in your meals. There are studies that show that if you increase your daily protein intake by 25-30%, you can have up to 60% less wrinkles, reduce visits to the refrigerator at night and lose maybe a pound a week. Simply because you eat more protein ..!

How to increase protein:
• Replace a fattening dessert with a glass of low-fat milk and get 8 grams of extra protein.
• Make protein the protagonist of your meals with a particular preference for breakfast.
• Reduce the carbohydrates that whet your appetite

Try to avoid meals that contain only carbohydrates (eg spaghetti, potatoes, rice) because they are the first nutrients that leave the stomach.

Of course, potatoes actually have hunger-quenching properties. They contain a special type of starch that resists digestive enzymes. So because potatoes take time to break down, they stay in the gut longer, delaying hunger pangs. Prefer baked potatoes - and always in moderation - with french fries.

A carbohydrate-only meal is quickly digested, making you hungry earlier than if you had eaten foods with other nutrients (ie good fats and proteins). In addition, simple carbohydrates have a high glycemic index and this is destructive in periods of diet.

Multiple and small healthy meals during the day leads to better control of hunger. Every time we eat - even a very small meal - the center of appetite in the brain calms down and we avoid huge meals that lead to storage.

kante diaita kai chaste kila trogontas trofes ploysies se ogko me liges thermides poy mporoyn na kopsoyn tin orexi 3 ΑΠΩΛΕΙΑ ΚΙΛΩΝ, ΑΣΚΗΣΗ, ΔΙΑΤΗΤΙΚΕΣ ΤΡΟΦΕΣ, ΘΕΡΜΙΔΕΣ, ΟΡΕΞΗ, ΤΡΟΦΕΣ ΠΟΥ ΚΟ

Dietary foods: Dark chocolate

Of all the foods mentioned, we are sure you will like this one the most. Remember, however, that only very small amounts of dark chocolate are recommended. The bittersweet taste of real dark chocolate helps suppress appetite. Some studies have also shown that the antioxidants it contains can act to suppress appetite, helping to lose weight and control blood sugar.

Finally, combine all of the above with exercise. Exercise but also simple daily habits, are suitable to keep our form. Walking and swimming help a lot in controlling our weight and our good health.

Eat slowly to give the brain time to receive the satiety signal. Do not combine food with other activities, such as watching TV, because you will confuse your brain worse about when to stop eating.