"It's too late, I became unrecognizable": Her life was ruined by an "innocent" toothache and today she warns

She had a dream life and no one would have imagined the serious health problems she suffered due to an infection of her teeth.

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Had one dreamed life and no one would have imagined the serious health problems she suffered due to the infection of her teeth.

A Guardian article was made viral, as it houses the true testimony of a fifty-year-old woman who saw, from a seemingly innocent toothache, her health being destroyed. In 2019 the Keren Levy she was a woman "Healthier at 52 than at 32" as she recalls, who enjoyed traveling the world, mountaineering in Kilimanjaro, exploring the Galapagos and swimming in the Aegean in the summer, returning to London in the winter and spending her free time eating with friends and shopping.

The beginning of the end

That spring, her mother was diagnosed with end-stage cancer, and Keren, catastrophic, began to seek solace in sweets while neglecting her oral hygiene. So she was not impressed when she felt it pain to a banker on the left side of her mouth. An x-ray at the dentist showed nothing. But three weeks later, the pain had worsened and never stopped. Her life had changed completely.

"By the end of January of the following year, the pain was unbearable, my gums were pale and seemed to have dried up with blood. A neighboring tooth had also started to hurt. These physical changes, with the pain increasing, I was worried " remembers and adds:

"After my mother died, the next day, I went to another dentist. It was the last thing I wanted to do, but I was worried. One more x-ray showed nothing. Desperate, I told him I did not care about the x-ray. I felt a terrible rotten taste in my mouth. I knew my tooth was dead. I asked the dentist to do it for me denervation or extraction. He refused, as he had no tangible signs of tooth necrosis. Instead, he referred me to a physician, implying that it was due to my grief, an argument that is impossible to refute.

"Until the beginning of February, the pain in a neighboring tooth was accompanied by the secretion of fluid. My gums remained pale. My left cheek blushed and developed a crust on the skin at the tip of my left eye. My body was screaming infection. My dentist was uncompromising. He insisted that the fact that several teeth were in pain at the same time meant that he could not "focus" on one tooth. I told him that the fact that my banker had been in pain for months made the matter even more urgent. I asked him to do something, referring to my gums. "The gums may be pale," he replied. I told him it was not mine until the pain started. I made it clear to him that if he did not do something, I would end up with a lot dead teeth and ruined my health. "

One wrong diagnosis after another

In March 2020, it came into our lives lockdown of the pandemic and dentists were only accepting emergencies. Everyone was asking Keren for the x-rays she had done, which did not show anything serious. She was referred to an orthodontist and went there only because she knew she had no choice.

One doctor started referring her to the other misdiagnosis to succeed the other. She was given painkillers and antidepressants for three months. "It's awesome to have no choice about your health when it exists. Desperate, I took the pills knowing no one was facing it infections. "When I told a doctor online, he advised me to double their dose."

Η chewing gum sugar-free became the only way she could reduce the rotten taste that came from her teeth. Some were made dark yellow. The first doctor agreed to denervate her in the first tooth.

Eventually, he turned to a dentist who discovered that the damage was so extensive that he had to do it. twelve ribs in an equal number of teeth. As he told her, the infection had triggered a reaction all over her body, which had affected all her teeth, bones and even her skin. He had scoliosis, tendonitis and other orthopedic problems, sensitivity to the sun and various inflammations in the body. He was limping and could not swim. Everything showed that her life had been ruined.

When he went to the first dentist again, he told her that the x-ray "Did not justify" a denervation according to them British regulations. He even had a doctor's office in Athens and added that if he was there, he would proceed normally with the denervation of the original tooth. This Keren did not know from the beginning. "I learned that X-rays do not always show problems with teeth. In my case this was catastrophic, but it should not have gotten to the point. The idea that it is not justified to examine the tooth internally while the pain is aggravated and accompanied by taste is dangerous rotten in the mouth. All the symptoms showed infection ".

As she adds about her life now: "Two years after the first misdiagnosis, I have no quality of life and I am in constant pain. Although my teeth do not ache due to the ribs, when I did them it was too late to reverse the effects on the rest of my body. I can no longer work and I have become unrecognizable. It hurts me to see their faces former colleagues my. Sometimes the restrained courtesy of my friends is even worse. […]

"Many of you will know someone whose health was affected by the excessive zeal of a dentist. But we must pay the same attention to failure of treatment where treatment is necessary. I see in my dreams the first dentist, until the third appointment, to do the only logical thing and examine the inside of my tooth, saving me from what followed. What happened to me could have been avoided if someone had listened to me carefully and taken over necessary actions».


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