Euro 2020 - Christian Eriksen: "It was a heart attack, he 'left' and came back"

Christian Eriksen, the dramatic protagonist of the Euro, on the first weekend of his premiere, "was gone" before he revived after suffering a heart attack, as the doctor of the National Team of Denmark announced in a press conference on Sunday.

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The 29-year-old Dane had collapsed on Saturday shortly before the end of the first half of the match against Finland causing global shock.

"What to say; He was gone. We did cardiac resuscitation. It was a heart attack. How close were we? "I do not know," said Morten Bossen. "Eriksen, who is still in hospital, sent his greetings to his teammates yesterday." This morning we spoke with Christian Eriksen, who sends his greetings to his teammates. "His condition is stable and he is still being treated for further tests," the Danish Football Association said in a statement, adding: "We encourage everyone to send their best wishes to the Danish Football Association, and we assure them that they will all be transferred to Christian and his family."

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After the collapse of Eriksen, the match was stopped while the medical staff made unremitting efforts to bring the 29-year-old player back through CPR and defibrillation.

UEFA then announced the restart which ended in a 1-0 victory for Finland, thanks to a goal by Joel Pohjanpalo in 59ο minute, thin.

"We would like to thank everyone for their sincere greetings to Christian Eriksen, from fans, players, the Royal Families of Denmark and England, international clubs, clubs, etc.," the Danish FA also said in a statement on Sunday.

Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand said Eriksen wanted his teammates to play and that worries more about his teammates and family.

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The 29-year-old midfielder is currently playing for Inter, moving to Serie A in 2020 after seven years at Tottenham and the English Premier League. "The important thing is that he is fine, but there has never been an episode that, even from a distance, to hint at a problem, neither while he was at Tottenham nor at Inter. In Italy, controls are very strict, "Inter doctor Piero Volpi, meanwhile, told Gazzetta dello Sport.

At the same time, Inter technical director Giuseppe Marotta said that Eriksen had never been ill with coronavirus nor had he been vaccinated.

Starting his football career with Ajax, the Danish midfielder is expected to watch his team's next match, against Belgium, from the hospital bed. His coach said he would try to get the team back to a normal routine on Monday. After collapsing, his Danish team-mates built a wall around him to protect the Inter star from prying eyes. Players from both teams as well and fans on the pitch, were visibly upset as Eriksen was in the hands of doctors.

In the other match of the second group, the Romelou Loukakou opened the scoring for Belgium against Russia and ran to the camera to send a message of support to his teammate. "Chris, Chris, sterkte jongen (s.s. 'I wish you strength / all the best" in Dutch). "I love you!" He said.

Lukakou, who then scored a second goal, told reporters in a post-match interview that "Cried a lot" and was "frightened" when he first heard the news of Erisken's collapse.

"I spend more time with him than with my family, so my thoughts are with him, his girlfriend, his two children and his family," he added.

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In Goyang, South Korea, Eriksen's former teammate, Son Heung-Min, scored one of his team's two goals in Lebanon's 2-1 World Cup qualifier and celebrated by shouting "I love Christian Eriksen", according to a Tottenham tweet.

Messages of support from around the world flooded social media. Harry Kane, England captain and former teammate of Eriksen, sent his love to the Danish media and his family with a tweet on Saturday. "Stay strong, comrade," Kane said.

Saturday's incident was reminiscent of its collapse Fabrice Muamba in 2012, when the footballer suffered a heart attack during Bolton's match against Tottenham.

"Please God," Muamba wrote after the collapse of Eriksen. "All our thoughts are with Christian Eriksen and his family," Twena wrote on Twitter, "Muabba eventually recovered but was forced to end his career prematurely." The former footballer's team, while his teammate at Inter, Ashley Wong, wrote: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid tribute to the doctors who ran to the stadium to help Eriksen and referee Anthony Taylor, who immediately stopped the game. "Encouraging news for Christian Eriksen, we all think of him and his family. "Well done to the medical team and Anthony Taylor for their calm and quick action", said a tweet from the official account of the kings, which he signed as "W".

The clock was ticking in the 43rd minute when, at an unsuspecting moment, Christian Eriksen collapsed in the field without any prior hard marking.

As it was next, teammates and medical team rushed at him trying to help him get back. Television cameras showed only spectators and athletes, UEFA refused to replay the fall, and a human shield was created by the player's apparently shocked and excited teammates to protect him from greedy curiosity. At the time that Christian Eriksen was transported to the locker room no one knew if his life would go on.

The good news came several minutes later. Meanwhile, in addition to Chris Eriksen, the hero of the night is the leader of the national team, Simon Kiaer, whose contribution to both the efforts to revive his teammate and the animation He rescued his teammate, Chris Eriksen, who fell unconscious on the pitch, giving him first aid in the crucial first seconds. He then asked his teammates to form a "shield" of protection around him. his fellow athlete, to protect him from flashes, cameras and shocking snapshots. And then she found time to go to the stands and give courage to the wife of the unfortunate - lucky Eriksen, who was shocked to see her husband and father of her two minor children, fighting to the death. Danish footballer Christian Eriksen is unlikely to play again Professionally after suffering from heart failure, says a leading sports cardiologist. The 29-year-old was in stable condition on Saturday night, but it has not yet been publicly confirmed what happened to him.

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Ο Sanjay Sharma, a professor of sports cardiology at St George's University in London, who worked with Eriksen while he was at Tottenham, said: "Clearly something went wrong. But they managed to bring him back, the question is what happened? And why did it happen? "This guy had regular exams until 2019, so how do you explain this cardiac arrest?"

"The good news is that he will live, the bad news is that he was nearing the end of his career, so… will he play another professional football game? I can not say that. In the UK he would not play. "We would be very strict," said the doctor.