Toyota launches (finally) its first full electric car (VIDEO)

The bZ4X is Toyota's first electric SUV

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Toyota may have repeatedly expressed concerns about electric propulsion, most notably through the president of Akio Toyoda, but that does not stop it from launching its first all-electric model.

This is the SUV bZ4X, which is slightly different from the eponymous prototype that appeared a few months ago. At the same time, it is the first model of bZ, beyond Zero, which is the "electric" sub-brand of Toyota.

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So the bz4X - its name is a bit different - follows the design approach with the name hammerhead, which is determined by the very thin headlights and the design emphasis that has been given to the edges of the mask.

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In terms of dimensions it is clearly lower, by 8,5 cm, than the RAV4 which belongs to the same category and has a larger wheelbase by 160 mm. Something that in combination with the new e-TNGA frame will reward the spaces inside. Indicatively, the trunk of the bZ4X reaches 452 liters.

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Beyond that, the dashboard design is determined primarily by the large touch screen of the infotainment system in its center and then by its digital instrument panel. Of course, many state-of-the-art assistance systems are also present.

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The basic version of the electric Toyota is front-wheel drive with a 204 hp and 265 Nm electric motor, which ensures a 0-100 km / h in 8,4 seconds. The corresponding price for the four-wheel drive version is 7,7 seconds. There are two electric motors here, each with an output of 80 kW - a combined output of 218 hp - the four-wheel drive XMode has evolved with Subaru and there are a total of four driving programs. Snow / mud, deep snow, mud (up to 20 km / h) and Grip Control for off-road (up to 10 km / h).

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The battery has in any case an energy capacity of 71,4 kWh and ensures a range of up to 450 kilometers (WLTP), while Toyota speaks of a loss of only 10% in a decade or after 240.000 kilometers. The on-board charger will be from the end of 2022 of 11,0 kW, while the fast charging (DC) can be done up to 150 kW.

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