Everything is changing in cinema and television

The actors are reluctant to shoot love scenes, even a scene with kisses

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Ο coronavirus He came and turned not only our daily life, but everyone's life. He came and brought great changes that before we even heard about him, we could not even imagine how they would happen. Changes, not only in our way of life and behavior from now on, but also other smaller, more everyday, spontaneous and simplistic ones, like a hug. One kiss.

And this is exactly the topic that has been occupying the film and television world lately: the hugs, the kisses and the love scenes between the actors. The coronavirus has already hit the area with the closed ones cinema, the cancellations of premieres and the postponement of film and television producers.

And now he is preparing to bring another upset, since in the next day a lot will have to change and, above all, the necessary measures for protection against the pandemic must be strictly observed. After all, great Hollywood stars have expressed their concern, their fear, while some say they are reluctant to shoot love scenes, even a scene with kisses.

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Awaiting a return to "normalcy" and Hollywood, studios and production companies are preparing to impose strict rules to better protect everyone from the coronavirus. Which means that it will be extremely difficult in the near future to shoot "hot" scenes or kisses with passion. And this applies to both film and television productions.

According to a report by DailyMail.com, there are many actors who have expressed their concern about the shooting of scenes involving kissing or sex, even after the lifting of the measures of social distancing. In fact, different proposals have already been put on the table for measures to protect famous actors in front of and behind the cameras.

Although so far no one has official instructions on how to work after the lockdown, but they have already designed their own compass. Like all employees will be tested for coronavirus before entering the studio or registration points. A top Hollywood executive expressed his belief in the Daily Mail that COVID-19 will change productions forever.

erotic scenes, coronavirus, protection measures, porn, movies, KISS, HOLLYWOOD

In fact, Amanda Blumenthal believes that some productions will completely remove kissing scenes or sex scenes so that they do not have to deal with security issues.

"I will not be surprised if for a long period of time, until we know how we can work safely in the midst of this crisis, the producers will choose this path to be able to screen movies and series in time," he says.

Also, it is almost certain that some of the stars will choose to say no to productions that require kissing or romantic and love scenes due to the coronavirus. But what about these scenes, which are more or less present in all the films? This is exactly what they are looking to find. Although one idea is to follow the model of the conservative 20s, where love scenes became like flashbacks.

"Instead of a love scene, we will see a door close and it will be implied that they had sex. All movies and series are on the "ice" and so there is an increased demand for content. "So we expect the companies to want to proceed immediately with productions as soon as it is allowed", he notes.

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And what does that mean? How scenes, such as a good time in "50 Shades of Gray", the spectator audience should forget.

The truth is that in the quarantine period, porn movies on the internet and related websites, lived (and continue to) have great moments. Searches by users were over-multiplied and clicks on such content sites, "caught fire".

"Fire", but also the pennies of the people of the industry porn, as the coronavirus gave them plenty of material and was an inexhaustible source of inspiration for scripts. For example, a script was written where a young girl "breaks" the quarantine and runs in the streets to find her lover's house and spend unique forbidden moments in his years covid-19. Also, topics such as doctor and patient, doctor and nurse, couples found quarantined separately or stories with the delivery boy, are high on the script ideas.ap 03041102446 erotic scenes, coronavirus, protection measures, porn, movies, KISS, HOLLYWOOD

But here too what happens to love scenes and kisses? As the pandemic spread, most manufacturing companies shooting stopped for the protection of actors and crews. And they are also waiting for official instructions on what the next day will be like and how the shooting will take place from now on, so that no one is in danger.

Of course, there were companies that came up with various ideas and continued shooting in the middle of quarantine. So, they chose the homemade videos, where by sending the necessary equipment to the protagonists, they encouraged them to return home their own short films starring themselves and their partners.