Futuristic and strange yachts plowing the elite seas

Where yachts are called megayachts and superyachts

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The world of water demand is demanding huge boats, beastly machines, terrifying displacements and designs that catch the eye with their avant-garde beauty.

Scary big and outrageously expensive yachts we have seen from time to time is a lot of the truth. The big capital of the planet continues to play with the 10 most expensive megayachts in the world, this closed group of boats competing for the crucifixes who will put more in their hands.

Yachts, however, with innovative designs that defy norms and are trampled, are clearly fewer, as these are preferred by people with a particular taste who already know what they are looking for. Or they leave it to the discretion of great and subversive designers.

And while most just stay in concept mode, there are a handful of innovative yachts already on the market. seas of the world. We have even seen some of them in our country…

The most futuristic superyacht in the world

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Giant and extremely special, the Sailing Yacht A was immediately described as the "most futuristic" yacht in the world when it left the shipyard in late 2017. Owned by Russian oligarch Andrei Melnichenko, the sailing yacht was designed by "very" Philip Stark and cost $ 360 million.

The 142-meter battleship is powered by two MTU diesel engines producing 4.827 horsepower, giving it speeds of 21 knots and a radius of 5.320 nautical miles. Made in the German shipyards of Nobiskrug, many and various people collaborated for its innovative design, such as the British Magma Structures, which made the three 100-meter carbon fiber masts.

"Born of the owner's desire to push the boundaries of engineering and challenge the status quo in the industry, the Sailing Yacht A is undoubtedly one of the most dreamy projects we have ever seen," said Nobiskrug CEO Holger Kahl. .

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"It was the most demanding job of my career," admitted technical director Dirk Kloosterman. "I'm sure the Sailing Yacht A will remain the world's best yacht in terms of design and technology for years to come." With his hands he handed it to the owner at Monaco that May.

The extremely special sailing megayacht has a helipad, a garage for 4 cars, 8 decks and a glass underwater observatory. It accommodates 20 guests and 54 staff. The Sailing Yacht A stole the title of the world's largest sailing yacht from the Sea Cloud, which held the distinction from the distant 1931…

His futuristic motorized little brother

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Motor Yacht A is called it and it is another creation of Philip Stark again for the Russian tycoon Andrei Melnichenko! The legend wants the famous designer to complete it in just 2 hours, 2 hours for a yacht that has been discussed like no other. Never!

The only instructions the Russian gave him had to do with his size and his requirement to have 6 cabins. "That was the beauty of the project and the beauty of the owner's intelligence," says Stark, "he left me completely free." When presented with the design of the 119-meter masterpiece, Melnichenko simply nodded in agreement, as the French designer recalls: "He said nothing. He took the model and we just did it, nothing changed ".

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Stark built a truly groundbreaking yacht that changed what humanity knew from recreation at sea. It was built by the German Blohm + Voss and after 4 years in the shipyard, it was delivered to Melnichenko in 2008 for $ 300 million. Maybe more.

Since then it accommodates up to 14 guests in its 7 cabins and 35 staff in another 19 cabins. The two 6.035-horsepower diesel engines send it to 23 knots, a speed it can maintain for 4.250 nautical miles. Contains pool, helipad, elevator, garage and underwater lights.

The avant-garde of Steve Jobs

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When Melnichenko asked Stark for "luxury" for the interior of the Motor Yacht A, the designer's mind went straight to Steve Jobs' 78-meter Venus, his own landmark for the extreme minimalism that her boss loved so much Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),.

Once again designed by Philip Stark, the patriarch of marine futurism, Venus was delivered in 2012, shortly after the death of its Apple general. Since then it remains an emblem of futuristic avant-garde and minimalist aesthetics, a blatantly idiosyncratic yacht like no other out there.

Taken from the Dutch shipyard of Feadship, the 78,2-meter luxury yacht is powered by two MTU diesel engines of 3.433 horses, accommodating 12 people and 22 staff. Jobs's aura pervades the construction, as the glass and technologically advanced bridge is full of Apple machines.

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Jobs's entourage had long kept the inside of the yacht a seven-seal secret. Few images had been leaked until it was found in a French repair shop. However, Stark had revealed that the boat is made of a lot of glass and even more technology, pushing the boundaries of shipbuilding. And costing just over $ 100 million.

Unfortunately, the Steve Jobs left the world in October 2011 and never saw it complete. The However, many here in our country have seen it, as it has passed through Milos, Paros, Mykonos and Samos…

Futurism and colossal dimensions

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Built for another Russian oligarch under extreme secrecy, the Serene was the first megayacht to leave the Italian Fincantieri shipyard. It remains the largest yacht ever built by Italian hands since it was completed in 2011.

The seven decks of the beastly Serene of 133,9 meters, among the 10 largest in the world when it was inaugurated, accommodate over 4.000 sq.m. sustainable space inside them. But also two helipads and an aircraft hangar. And a 100 meter submarine of course!

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His design also has a big name behind it, the award-winning Espen Oeino, who did not regret the expenses to bring to his anonymous owner what he asked for. Even an "ice room" for real polar water experiences! Some 24 people live royally here in 15 cabins, with 52 staff to ensure that no claims are impossible.

It was not until 2014 that it became known that the huge Serene was owned by a Russian vodka tycoon (Yuri Shefler) and cost him $ 330 million. Croesus started renting it that year and his first client was someone… Bill Gates, who paid $ 5 million a week. The following year it was bought by the heir to the throne of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, for EUR 500 million…

Code name "Lightning"

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They call it Crescent and it is a luxury 135,5 meter yacht that was delivered only in 2018. Espen Oeino is guilty again, on behalf of the shipbuilding Lurssen this time. The project was known as Thunder, but when it came out it was now called Crescent.

The German Lurssen simply said that billionaire Her client lives in the Middle East and wants to remain anonymous. Only he will definitely not go unnoticed wherever he is. The impressive megayacht catches the eye like a magnet and is of course huge, the seventh largest boat ever to leave the units of the respected Lurssen.

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Here we find two helipads, colossally large pool and drastically different design to bathe the interior unhindered by sunlight. The yard, according to the wishes of the owner, has not published many details. He simply commented indifferently that he would be touring mainly in Asian waters.

However, we know that it sleeps and entertains 18 people in 9 cabins, has 40 staff (in 20 cabins), catches 20 knots and cost the scary number of 600 million dollars!

Everything else

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It is called Khalilah and is the first superyacht made entirely of carbon fiber. And of course he was the great pride in that gathering of boats on his beach Miami in 2015, the yacht that stole as many hearts and eyes.

Gold and futurism have seldom come as close to the 49-meter Khalilah, a 48 SuperSport by Palmer Johnson that asked its owner Alexei Golubovich to be slightly "teased". Or, better yet, his ex-wife Olga Mirimskaya, as it was made for her and in her own hands it is today.

Timur Mohamed, owner of the legendary American Palmer Johnson, however, says that it is not his golden casing that pulls Khalilah out of the pile. Not even the global carbon fiber performance. But the construction skills and the level of innovation that exist here in abundant doses.

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The Khalilah was built in 2010 to function as a horsefly in the "conservative world of boats", as Mohamed typically says. His design even came straight from a young and unknown designer, a Berkeley March, who ended up as a finalist in a major competition in 2008 and was immediately hired by Palmer Johnson.

In fact, the 30 knots for this type of boat simply do not exist. "Innovation comes when you change something fundamental," says Mohamed, who saw his boat lock at 29,9 knots and shut up. Which he would reopen a little later, this time out of awe, as after the necessary modifications the Khalilah comfortably caught the 32 knots.

A real feat of both shipbuilding and motoring, that is, since most of the ideas come from the world of sports car. "We have the largest glass panels, with the exception of Steve Jobs' ship," says the manufacturer proudly.