The unprecedented battle to the last between the USA and China on the occasion of the pandemic

Why Beijing sends us tons of medical supplies, how Donald Trump's stance is explained and what the Sino-US confrontation is about

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In a relentless war with unpredictable consequences between United States and China the handling of the coronavirus pandemic that has shaken the economies and health systems of the entire planet is evolving. It is now clear to everyone that both US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have turned their eyes to the next day of the pandemic, globally, each seeking for himself and his country. to become the master of the game. To achieve this, they launch heavy accusations against the opponent while throwing in the piles and heaps of propaganda mechanisms.

Washington is artificially trying to pass on to humanity the message that Beijing deliberately created this coronavirus. For example, Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton came out and told Fox that the virus was born in a high-security biochemical plant in the Wuhan area, although it cannot support such a charge. "We have no evidence that the disease was 'prepared' there, but because China is two-faced and dishonest, we have the right to ask at least from the outset what the evidence says. "And so far China has not provided data on the issue," he said. Steve Mannon, a former White House military analyst who has publicly stated that the Chinese Communist Party is hiding something about the origin of the virus, is moving in the same direction. Covid-19.

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But the exact opposite accusations can be heard from the opposite shore of the Pacific Ocean. The Chinese say that in October 2019, 369 athletes were in the city of Wuhan, which was part of the American mission of the 7th Military Olympics held in the region. and they may not have won any gold medals, but they left behind the coronavirus, which appeared in that area a short time later.

In fact, Maathi Benassi, a mother of two, was personally accused of being the zero patient who started the coronavirus pandemic. He is a civil servant in Fort Bevoir of the US Army. in Virginia where he works as a security officer. He had gone to China for the military Olympics taking part in cycling. However, he had an accident in the last round of the race, as a result of which he broke a rib, suffered a concussion and was taken to the local hospital. Although she has not tested positive for coronavirus to date or has shown any symptoms, Benassi and her husband Matt, a retired Air Force officer, have been the target of coordinated attacks by conspirators, and their lives are now directly threatened. "It's like waking up from a bad dream and evolving into a day to day nightmare," says Maatchi herself.

The Chinese are also wondering if the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Maryland, mysteriously closed last July because an accident where a new biochemical weapon was being built on behalf of the CIA "caused them to have an accident." And perhaps it is no coincidence that a month later a flu epidemic was recorded in the United States that resulted in the death of thousands of Americans from pneumonia.

It does not make sense to get involved in conspiracy theories, because on the one hand most of them have no basis and on the other hand they could hardly be proven. So let's go to the tangible facts and what is officially said between the two superpowers. Donald Trump insists on calling the coronavirus a "Chinese virus", something that is irritating in the vast country of Asia. Just a few days ago, the White House resident pointed out meaningfully that "I wish we had been told earlier what was happening inside China. I wish they had told us about it earlier, because that way we could have come up with a solution in time. "

The same tactic is followed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, accusing China of deliberately spreading the coronavirus as it allegedly allowed its citizens to move abroad. "Stop blatant lies," wrote Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunin, visibly annoyed, adding that "China's efforts have failed to deter hundreds of thousands." outbreaks».

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We should not forget that Trump's moves in this peculiar Sino-American controversy are guided by the upcoming presidential election to be held on Tuesday, November 3, and obviously the 74-year-old multimillionaire would like to renew his term and that is why he is trying to run. that he protects above all his nation. He initially saw the outbreak of the coronavirus as a good opportunity to follow the doctrine of "America first", apparently underestimating the seriousness of the situation.

When he offered a billion dollars to a well-known German biotechnology company, in order to proceed with the preparation of an experimental vaccine which would be used to save the lives of Americans alone (apparently for voting reasons), the international community realized that it had little hope for the superpower. The situation became even more dramatic when it was suddenly announced that all flights to and from Europe were automatically stopped, causing shock.

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But immediately China seized the opportunity to show that it is the only one capable of saving the world. They started sending medical supplies to Italy, Spain and all the countries tested. An aircraft from China carrying 80 tons of cargo even arrived in Athens, with the boxes containing, among others, 250.000 FPP2 protective masks, 125.000 Tyvec protection uniforms, 200.000 legs, 30.000 glasses and 20.000 shields, while a few 24 hours earlier hundreds of packages had been received. full of masks. Beijing has found a privileged field to pursue international diplomacy around the world as it overcame the coronavirus problem, which is where it started, and now its factories are operating normally.

But they do not stop only at sending medical supplies. Alibaba Group mogul and CEO Jack Ma, founder of the colossal e-commerce group that competes directly with Amazon, has arranged to send doctors and nursing staff to the affected countries of Europe, Asia and even the Americas. They estimate that at a relatively low cost to the data of a giant such as China, on the one hand with "mask diplomacy" they gain points in the eyes of the affected countries around the world and on the geopolitical chessboard and on the other hand they will have multiple gains in world trade. years to come, which of course is not to the liking of many in Europe and America. Whether the Asians will be able to overtake the United States or not remains to be seen. The war continues…