Small and quiet seaside villages for a quiet holiday by car

Ideal destinations for summer

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Villages of true sanctuaries are emerging this summer as surprise destinations. Away from crowded places and popular beaches, they are small earthly paradises of peace and tranquility for those who ask for nothing more than a little quiet, delicious food, affordable amenities and nature in all its glory.

Forget the hassle of the ship and the plane. Get in your own car and follow your heart by choosing destinations for this year that, in addition to all the above, also offer safety.

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The wild beauty and the imposing landscape of Mani, from the characteristic elements of the wider area that make it a unique destination. Apart from the most popular villages in the most famous Laconian Mani, equally beautiful and impressive destinations can be found in Western Mani, in the prefecture of Messinia. One of them is Trachila, the stone fishing village that is found 55 km southeast of Kalamata.

Built in the homonymous small bay, Trachila is a surprise for anyone who prefers it, as its special color immediately wins over the visitor. Unknown to most, the picturesque image with the stone buildings, the small port with the traditional boats and the impressive Mani landscape around it is an ideal choice for a quiet and peaceful vacation away from everyone and everything. What is of interest here is the historic listed building of K. Meleas, as well as the building of the old primary school - both excellent examples of popular architecture of the 19th century.

Near the settlement is the famous Katafygi cave, with great speleological fauna. In previous centuries, in fact, it served as a shelter for the inhabitants of the area during raids. In the wider area you will find pure and untouched, still, beaches from mass tourism, mainly with rocks and crystal clear waters that impress. One of the most famous is the Shelter coast with the characteristic flat rocks that serve as natural platforms for bathers.

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Most have connected Arcadia with the wonderful and picturesque villages in the mountainous volume of the prefecture. The most sought after, however, know that in the seaside area you will find real diamonds, calm cobwebs for the summer holidays. One of them is the picturesque fishing village of Poulithra, which is found shortly after Leonidio.

Still untouched by mass tourism, it maintains its picturesqueness and traditional elements intact, thus making it a calm proposition during the summer. The green from its outskirts Parnon, a typical example of Arcadian nature, descends to the sea, composing a wonderful natural setting for your vacation.

Well-preserved mansions following the local, traditional architecture of Kynouria, a few whitewashed houses with flowery courtyards and a small and picturesque harbor compose the puzzle of Poulithra. At the edge of the village is the small church of Ai Giorgis, which is approached by boat and offers panoramic views of the village and the waters of the Aegean. The beach of the village is small with fine pebbles and crystal clear waters, while in the wider area you can find the beach of Plaka, as well as that of Fokianos. A walk in the mountains and the village of Kosmas, the "balcony" of Kynouria is considered imperative.

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Although located in the North Evia, Aegean air is blowing in the Lake, as most of its inhabitants are of Aegean origin. According to history, during the 16th century, many captains of the Aegean islands moved to the area, transferring the air of their island to the picturesque, seaside village of Evia.

It is one of the most picturesque destinations in the wider region of Northern Evia, with the untouched beauty of mass tourism that characterizes it in combination with the calm and serenity that prevails here to make it a real sanctuary. Built amphitheatrically above the waters of North Evia, the Lake looks as if it is unmistakably observing the windless bay, enjoying the view that often reaches the shores of Central Greece.

Traditional houses with red tiled roofs and neoclassical architecture painted in bright colors, narrow streets and rich nature from the pine-covered mountain of Kandili, which almost touches the sea, in all the characteristic elements that make the village a unique destination. The "heart" of the Lake, however, beats on the seafront with ouzo and taverns, cafes and bars, where you can enjoy your coffee or delicious seafood with views of both the turquoise waters of Evoikos and green slope of the village.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Lake is built near the ancient Elymnion, where according to Sophocles Zeus met Hera for the first time.

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Although the feeling that is created as soon as one reaches the picturesque fishing village of Agia Kyriaki is extremely island, the village is located at its southernmost point. Pelion, at a distance of 75 km from Volos. A port in the naval village of Trikeri, it is addressed to those who are looking for moments of calm and serenity in a beautiful place that offers everything.

Time passes lazily here, out of the abyss we are all accustomed to during our summer vacation, while living conditions lead to a different daily routine with walks in picturesque alleys that travel back in time. At the same time, fresh seafood delicacies in the seaside taverns and ouzo by the sea turn the meal time into a real pleasure.

What one should not miss when one is here is a visit to Paleo Trikeri, the only inhabited island of the Pagasitikos, a place where time has literally stopped, just opposite.

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A place of unique natural beauty that seems to float in the sea, welcomes visitors at a distance of 25 km from Arta. Koronisia, which looks like a real island, is a small village in the center of the Amvrakikos gulf, which is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land.

This tiny paradise on earth is inhabited by just 167 people, while its houses are developed in a circular shape on a small hill, overlooking the sandy islets and the closed sea. In all the impressive features the visitor observes in Koronisia, apart from its special morphology, the scattered green small islets in the waters of Amvrakikos, as well as the rich natural environment that reaches the sea.

Its small and picturesque port is filled with traditional fishing boats, the locals call them triarias, which supply the area with the famous shrimps Amvrakikos. From the delicious experiences that are definitely imprinted in the memory of the visitor, as the fame of their taste makes the tour of Greece.

A reference point for Koronisia is the Byzantine church of Panagia Koronisia, which dates from the 7th century.

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The strangely charming Laconian Mani with the "austerity" and the wild beauty that characterizes it, it wins more and more travelers, who choose it for a unique travel experience in a setting taken as if from a fairy tale. A destination of unique beauty in Laconia, then, Limeni leaves even the most demanding visitor impressed.

Where the rough laconic land meets the wonderful blue of the sea, the traditional architecture of the village with the stone dominating everywhere create images that are imprinted forever in the memory. The traditional settlement of Mavromichalia, is located about five kilometers from Areopolis and 27 km from Gythio, while it is an ideal destination for any time of year.

What definitely steals the impressions in Limeni during the summer the dreamy waters of the sea in a clear blue-green shade that looking at them one wonders if they really are true! The wild beauty of the landscape with the constant change of colors and the austerity that characterizes the whole Laconian Mani, in the places that will surely enchant you.