The most popular anti-election song was written by someone who has been elected MP with three different parties

In addition to the favorite Greek films, lyricists and composers have been appointed to the εκ service of the elections

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In the pre-election periods, we are used to talking about the favorite Greek films that scold the way of action of the parliamentary candidates. Who, after all, has not seen "Jenny-Jenny" with the unforgettable Dionysis Papagiannopoulos in the role of the politician who does what he can to elect Gortsos or the unforgettable and ideal, for the role of the famous minister Mavroyalouros, Lambros Konstantaras, in the film "there is also philotimos".

The point, however, is that in addition to the popular Greek films there are also songs that have been created for the period of elections. Some of them are humorous. Some are completely… political, while others pass the messages they want their creators want to send, in a smart but at the same time clear way.

When we talk about songs that have as their theme the ballots, the mind of most is given that it will go to the song "elections" of the Musical Brigades of the unforgettable Tzimis Panousis. With his unique interpretation, Tzimakos managed to make this song the… absolute song for every electoral contest. With sharp lyrics and music that is nailed in the mind and sung all day long, the "elections" has won its own place in the pantheon of anti-election songs. There may be a curse in every two verses, but few have not remembered it in days like the ones we are going through.

For the observers, there is the second quatrain, which in the second half the lyricist says "in the parliament the seats, oh, let me cry too"! The message is clearly anti-election and there is clearly a disposition of the lyricist to insult parliament.

This song was written in 1980, a year before the… change of Andreas Papandreou. Since then a lot of water has flowed into the political groove. Not only for the situation in the country but also for the lyricist of the song himself who, since he "exploded" the parliament and the political system, has reached today where he is now claiming his election as an MP with the fourth different party!

Ο Grigoris Psarianos, because he is the creator of the song (the music was written by Tzimis Panousis) he was elected MP of Athens II, in the elections of 2007 and 2009 with SYRIZA, in 2012 with the Democratic Left and in 2015 with Potami. Together with Potamio MP Giorgos Amyras, they opposed the Prespa Agreement, disagreeing with the party's stance on a conscious vote. Finally, Psarianos voted "present" and in May 2019 announced that he will be a candidate with the New Democracy in the Southern Sector of the XNUMXnd constituency of Athens!

"I am running for prime minister to become, to sit lazily, to eat and drink. And to go up to the Parliament to order me to press the clay on them and to masturbate them "! The above verses may not differ in substance from those written by Grigoris Psarianos but the difference that exists is in terms of type (here we are dealing with rebetiko) and of course in terms of the season something that is more than obvious. Lyricist, this time, is the great one Markos Vamvakaris and the song is called "the prime ministers"!

And since the reason for rebetiko, it is worth mentioning the song "elections" by Theodora Dalga, who sings that "the guys" should unite and go to vote to "get a prime minister and 300 deputies" in order to " let the hookah come out in time, the flowers "averta" in order "black to be free in the whole society, not to be afraid my dude and the police". Definitely, this is a πρόταση different proposal.

The "Stockholm Syndrome" is essentially a social experiment which proves that in the end prisoners-hostages identify and sympathize with their tyrants. This is exactly what they wanted to send as an anti-election message Panos with Haris Katsimichas when they wrote the eponymous song in which, among other things, we hear: "and before I fall asleep I think secretly because the poor vote for those who jump on them, and then they come out with banners and say they are hungry. "They go out and ask for a thousand and two, and they take whatever comes their way - the government smiles and the cops kick them."

A representative sample of the Greek punk scene could not be missing from this basically anti-election list of songs. One of the most characteristic songs is from the band "Chaotic Dimension" that was formed in Patras in 1986. Here things are clearer and they definitely have a more anarchist approach. The lyrics of the song that says "your vote is death, your vote is the punishment, political carnagers with votes and books kill you" do not leave much room for the messages that the songwriters want to send "partisan addicts!

One of the toughest and most poignant political songs is definitely what "Underground currents"And is entitled" you are politicizing "! The rock band puts in its sights the ideologues who once ruled and as they say "oh barba tell me something because I will go crazy, my mind will turn and I will fall off a cliff. They changed your mind or you "caught them big", and the revolution became fields and money. You are politicized and you are not ashamed!

The list of anti-election and highly political songs is so long that it certainly does not fit everything. It would be a great omission, however, for this particular tribute, if not even a nominal reference was made to songs such as: "the elections" by Orpheus Peridis who scolds the promises of politicians: "fall alone from the pre-election balcony, and that unites us is what will never happen! His "politician" Dionysis Savvopoulos, is another characteristic song, as well as the "spaghetti" with Alkistis Protopsalti, the "hello minister" of Vassilis Papakonstantinou and the "good morning Greece" of Goin 'Through with… greetings to the minister!

Finally, although the "electric Theseus" by Dimitris Varos sung by Pavlos Sidiropoulos, is not considered an anti-election song, it certainly contains one of the most anti-election lyrics ever written. "Voting, speeches and raids, never brought about change. Call your loneliness or go out on the road of fire again ".