Eleni Menegaki: The big "no" to her children for a Christmas present (VIDEO)


Christmas comes with this holiday and the gifts that children ask for from their parents.

Expensive, cheap with or without effort, gifts that make children happier these holidays.

In the context of the show "Eleni", Eleni Menegaki, while handing out gifts, revealed to her collaborators the great desire of her three children and the refusal to do them a favor. The well-known presenter may have a great fortune and even more fame, but she tries to keep a low profile in the upbringing of her children and not to spoil them.

Her children, in particular, asked her for the I-phone X as a Christmas present, with the "beautiful Eleni" on TV refusing due to her price and young age.

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"I will give you iphone X too! What advertisement my children have made, is not said! Whatever he does, this, this κι I tell them, it's not our time yet… ".