"Xaparthenon": Salos with a film depicting a couple of men having sex on the Acropolis

A short film entitled "Xaparthenon" has been released, which depicts a couple having sex on the Acropolis

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Salos has been provoked on social media with the short film "Xaparthenon" that has been circulating on the internet since yesterday.

The film was presented last December at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the scene that has provoked reactions concerns a gay couple making love on the Acropolis.

According to the organizers, the premise of the film is as follows:

A group has just finished their hike and is relaxing while enjoying the sunset. Memories from previous years of its members come to the discussion. Memories of more carelessness, nonsense and daring in love. The company decides to mediate so that what is said is not just memories. Everything worthwhile for her to have a present and a future as well.

Through companionship, humor, the spur of sensuality, the company accompanies its members to experience eroticism in public places, as in the past. Together, the public space that is charged with the elements of a patriarchal and nationalist context acquires cracks, in order to emerge precisely this eroticism.

A shot at first somewhat random that leads to a short film. The film is an independent production. It will be openly available on the internet to all individuals, groups and sites interested in seeing and promoting it.

The film in question was discussed on social media and brought reactions due to the fact that two men make love in public and in fact, on the sacred rock of the Acropolis.

SEI President Spyros Bibilas also commented on the film. "I am ashamed to say that such things happen. "There are limits somewhere," said Mr. Bibilas.

"As I saw it, I do not consider it an activist act, I consider it stupid. However, it also shows that the guarding of the rock is incomplete. "I imagine that the Ministry of Culture will look to find out how this happened and to assign responsibilities," he continued.

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