The hero who saved Mazonakis's father from drowning - All the details

manolis mazonaki GIORGOS MAZONAKIS, Greece, father, FLOOD, Drowning

Closer to death was the father of our favorite singer, George Mazonakis.

Manolis Mazonakis was also among the hundreds of people who literally fought to save themselves from the momentum of the floods of Western Attica in Greece.

Vangelis Karatsolis, 24 years old, was at the scene and while he did not have much strength, he fought with tons of mud and water on the national road Mandra - Thebes to free his father George Mazonakis and his friend who were desperately asking for help.

He himself transferred the shocking chronicle to a Greek newspaper

"The road had disappeared and the water was so fast that it swept away the cars like a walnut. I had found shelter on the roof of a truck to escape the torrent. There was a jeep stuck between two trucks and, when I looked closer, I saw that there were passengers inside. Two elderly men.

I gather

I made a first failed attempt to approach, but in the second I was lucky. I felt tired and exhausted, but inside I believed that God, after giving me life that morning, would give me the strength to help my fellow human beings ές Everywhere voices, screams and cries for help. And the water level was constantly rising ",

"I got out of the truck and with superhuman efforts I pulled them out of the driver's window. They were going hunting, as they told me, and they were anxious about the fate of the three dogs that were in a special cage in the back of the vehicle. I told them I could not help more. I couldn't take it anymore. And yet I finally released them. My conscience did not allow me to give up certain death. "

Another shocking testimony from the difficult times that thousands of people went through due to severe bad weather.