Five Hollywood stars who said "no" to gay roles

The reasons that led them to this decision

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Most of them have had a brilliant career in Hollywood by joining Movies who have left their mark on world cinema and their cassette is rising year by year.

Talented, ambitious, well-paid but also versatile, the following actors have one more thing in common: they refused to embody a homosexual character, rejecting proposals that sometimes even broke the box office coffers.

Everyone for their own reason did not want to "crumple" the image they had already formed to the general public, saying the big "no" to a challenging role.

Samuel L. Jackson

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Admittedly the Samuel L. Jackson has made a great and enviable career in Hollywood, counting on his assets to date more than 170 films. The talented actor, never missing from the big screen, during his career has played countless roles, almost everyone you could think of, with one exception. That of the gay.

In an interview with Playboy, he even mentioned that a gay character is perhaps the role he would not accept to play, as he would not want to kiss or touch another man.

And while this legendary actor is in an advantageous position to choose the roles he will play on the big screen, it is quite disappointing, one would say, in the years 2019 to hear such comments from a world-renowned, highly influential personality.

It is worth mentioning the fact that in 2016 he starred in Cell, a film based on a novel about a gay character, an important detail that was never transferred to the film and now you know why!

Mark Wahlberg

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In the first steps of his career and until it is established in the consciousness of the public Mark Wahlberg experimented a lot, playing different roles. Since then he has not become accustomed to particularly subversive roles, preferring mostly safer options.

A rather unfortunate choice for his career, considering the response from the audience to this particular film, his refusal to play one of the two leading roles in the Oscar-winning film "Brokeback Mountain", which was a huge box office success. and is considered one of the most lucrative dramas of all time.

According to him, he was not tempted enough by the script due to the "aggressive" content. However, rumors say that he just did not want to play the gay man and that he would feel uncomfortable if he starred in the specific scenes we saw Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. A decision that does not particularly surprise the public, as when he was younger there were many homophobic comments he made.

Will Smith

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The American actor and rapper Will Smith became famous from the TV series (its screening on television lasted six years) "The Prince of Bel Air", who embodied the "Fresh Prince", as a fantasy version of himself, however it was the role in the movie "Six Degrees Which took him off and led him among the top actors in Hollywood.

In this film, Smith, although he played the role of a gay man, is known to have rejected a scene in which he was invited to kiss his co-star. In fact, in this particular scene, the shot is cut in Smith's head, before he comes in contact with the other man, imitating that he is kissing him. Smith justified his decision by saying that "this particular scene was not something that my fans would like to see from me".

According to rumors, his "mentor" was Danzel Washington who urged him not to play in this scene. Years later, however, Smith admitted that he was very sorry for his decision and his immaturity at the time.

Kevin Hart

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The American actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer made his debut as an actor through a TV series in 2000, while his career as a comedian flourished in 2008 with his participation in "I'm a Grown Little Man". In recent years, in fact, he has starred in several films having gained his own fanatical audience.

Shortly after the infidelity scandal broke out during his wife's pregnancy, he saw his popularity plummet even further after he made it clear that he would never accept to incarnate a gay man.

In an interview with "The Breakfast Club" he claimed that he would never play a gay man due to his personal insecurities. Which, of course, did not convince the public.

More recently, though Paper had been selected as the main presenter of the Oscars ceremony for 2019, something that never happened as he was forced to retire due to the strong reactions caused by the countless homophobic jokes and statements he made in the past. In fact, apologizing himself via twitter, he did not hesitate to apologize to the LGBT community for the harsh words he had said in the past.

Chuck Norris

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A devoted Christian and politically conservative, his membership Chuck Norris in this list is not particularly surprising. With him not appearing particularly well on the big screen in recent years - his most recent film appearance was in 2012 on "The Expendables 2" - it seems rather unlikely that he will play a gay man.

This, of course, will happen more because of his controversial views as he declares himself an ardent supporter of the anti-gay movement, while he even participates in anti-gay demonstrations. In fact, when asked about same-sex marriage, he replied that "marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman."