Oscar 2022: Will Smith slaps Chris Rock for cheating on his wife (VIDEO)

The joke that infuriated the actor

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An unprecedented moment was recorded in 94th award ceremony Oscar2022. The actor Will Smith went up on stage to hit him Chris Rock.

It all started when while Chris Rock was presenting the Oscar for Best Documentary, he started joking. Initially with the couple Javier Bardem - Penelope Cruz who are both candidates and then went to his wife Will Smith, mocking the fact that she had almost shaved her head, like Demi Moore in GI Jane.

"Jeddah, I love you but I'm waiting for GI Jane 2," said Chris Rock, and Jeddah Pinkett Smith made no secret of her annoyance. And seconds later, Will Smith got up from his seat, went on stage, approached Chris Rock and slapped him on the μετά world broadcast!

Outraged, he returned to his seat, with Chris Rock telling him that what he said was just a joke but Will Smith shouted at him not to put his wife's name in his mouth.

via: Newsbeast